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ClearCube delivers new multi-protocol ready R3162D Blade PC for PCoIP/Citrix HDX/Microsoft RDP

ClearCube Technology will start shipping a purpose-built secure remote access platform (R4300) containing 16 independent PCs in 3U (5.25") of rack space next month that utilizes PCoIP workstation access software, Citrix HDX, and Microsoft RDP to create one of the most rack-dense Blade PC offerings on the market. 

The R4300 rack mount chassis supports R3162 Blade PCs that feature two independent remote access i5 processor motherboards, hard drives, memory and network connections in a 3U (5.25") form factor.  One R4300 chassis supports 8 blades with 16 independent Windows desktops, saving rack space, reducing power consumption, and allowing network administrators to secure their computing assets as a private cloud in their datacenters.

Instead of using unmanaged PCs distributed in the office work areas where they are prone to data theft, service failures, and unsupervised user control, ClearCube's R3162 blade PCs enable administrators to take control by removing PCs from the work place and replacing them with high density centralized Blade PCs within the datacenter, and with zero and thin client end point devices at the desktop. 

With PCoIP zero clients, zero is the key word. There is no operating system, addressable memory, or storage device at the user's desktop.  PCoIP workstation access software gives users the freedom to work wherever they want, while enjoying the same performance they would at their desk. With PCoIP technology transmitting only pixels, not data, remote connections are secure and intellectual property is safeguarded.

With ClearCube RDP/HDX thin clients, an embedded slimmed down operating system (either Windows or Linux) is loaded on the thin client and some of the graphics processing is done locally at the desktop, rather than entirely on the Blade PCs as is the case with zero clients. 

"By packaging two dual display Windows desktops on one Blade PC, ClearCube reduces the cost per seat. Companies gain high security using zero clients at their desktops connected to Blade PCs in the data center, without the cost and infrastructure overhead that virtualized desktops entail," said Jim Zakzeski, VP Business Development and Marketing, ClearCube Technology. 

By using R3162D blades, PC assets with storage devices can remain locked up to remove the worry of data theft. The heat and noise generated by computers can be removed from the work area. Blades can be returned to service quicker and can be powered and cooled more cost-efficiently than distributed PCs, as well.

Additional benefits can be realized by deploying connection brokers. A connection broker allows the zero client or thin client end point device to route to designated host resources. Moves/Adds/Changes become easy to execute from various locations, allowing users to access their specific remote PC from zero and/or thin clients in different offices and meeting rooms by entering their log in information.

"Interest has come from customers looking for the security benefits of centralized computing at a cost much lower than VDI alternatives that require high annual subscription rates, specialized training, and desktop virtualization infrastructure," said Zakzeski.

In summary, R4300 chassis with new double-edged R3162D blades is designed to address any of the following:

  • Managers who are worried about losing customer sensitive information
  • Workers who are stressed about work loss when their PC fails or needs service
  • Employees who cannot collaborate easily because they can only access their data from their own cubicle's PC
  • Workers who complain that their PCs' noise and heat are intrusive and irritating
  • Administrators who struggle with viruses and malware on PCs under end user control
  • For sites where a dedicated/isolated CPU and memory are required for each user.
  • For sites where the ROI on VDI is not effective due to size of the deployment.
  • For tighter cost control when scaling small number of users
Published Tuesday, January 19, 2016 2:15 PM by David Marshall
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