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Video: 2016 Predictions in Object Storage from Joe Arnold, chief product officer and co-founder, SwiftStack

Object storage for 2016 will be in more applications, as we've seen a big uptake in the number of applications that have supported object storage natively as an API. We're seeing major backup vendors and media asset management companies coming online. Tools across IT are also beginning to use object storage natively. Furthermore, we'll see object storage take the file interfaces directly into the platforms themselves. So, even as people want to natively access the object storage API directly, the storage vendors will provide file storage system access directly onto their object storage system, making adoption a lot easier."

In 2016, we'll also see new enablements in object storage that will open up new application opportunities and user bases for object storage. Mostly, we think the big enabler in 2016 has to do with how to use metadata in the system. Solution providers will automatically extract certain types of metadata out of the files that are coming into the system. This more efficiently gathers and organizes file systems, giving application developers and administrators different handles to do data management and organize the data beyond a traditional directory."

Watch this video for more insights from Joe Arnold, chief product officer and co-founder, SwiftStack:

Published Wednesday, January 20, 2016 8:02 AM by David Marshall
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