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VMware Details Coming Release of App Volumes 3.0

This week, VMware provided the latest details on its soon to be released App Volumes 3.0, expected to GA in March.  This is a major release of the product, which comes by way of the August 2014 acquisition of CloudVolumes, and brings with it a number of new features and capabilities. 

App Volumes is a modern approach to application lifecycle management which simplifies the creation, deployment and management of applications.  The product offers key capabilities around application lifecycle management such as automation, flexible delivery and monitoring, integrated end-user management, and unified administration.  And according to VMware, it is expected to boost application delivery, increase application and user environment management, and reduce IT costs by up to 70 percent.

App Volumes 3.0 builds off of last year's release of the VMware Horizon Application Management Bundle, which included and introduced many to VMware App Volumes.  And because of the success that App Volumes had within this bundle, VMware decided to integrate many of those capabilities offered in the bundle as part of a new VMware App Volumes 3.0 offering.

VMware App Volumes 

Harry Labana, vice president of Products and End-User Computing at VMware, detailed the following new features in a recent blog post.

VMware App Volumes 3.0 includes:

  • AppToggle - A new patent pending capability that enables per user entitlement and installation of applications within a single AppStack for maximum flexibility. This helps IT reduce the number of AppStacks that need to be managed, lowers storage capacity and management costs even further, improves performance, and allows applications to share or have different dependencies in a single AppStack. The AppToggle architectural approach of only installing entitled applications also offers greater security as opposed to simply hiding installed applications, which can easily be exploited.
  • AppCapture with AppIsolation - A new capability that easily captures and updates applications to simplify application packaging, delivery and isolation with a command line interface that enables IT to distribute AppStack creation to different teams and merge AppStacks for simplified delivery and management. With support for AppIsolation, AppCapture also integrates with VMware ThinApp to enable IT to deliver native applications and VMware ThinApp applications in one consistent format through AppStacks.
  • AppScaling with Multizones - Allows integrated application availability across datacenters so customers no longer need additional software to replicate AppStacks across sites. IT admins can add multiple file shares to host AppStacks and pair them to VMware vCenterTM instances. An import service will then scan the file shares and populate the AppStacks into the data stores of the vCenter instances. This removes the requirement of having a shared data store between vCenter instances to replicate AppStacks.
  • Integrated Application, User Management and Monitoring Architecture - A new modern architecture for the VMware App Volumes manager component offers the industry's only solution that combines application and user environment management with monitoring. With an architecture streamlined for faster provisioning and context-aware user policy, this offers a flexible and reliable application and lifecycle management solution for the digital workspace.
  • Unified Administration Console ­- A single pane of glass across application management, user environment management and monitoring. This next-generation admin view recognizes patterns to create simple, yet powerful workflows for application delivery, user environment management (beta for this release), and desktop and published application environment monitoring. This removes the complexity of managing multiple consoles but still enables customers to use legacy consoles if desired. Out of the box functionality also enables IT admins to address end-user needs quickly and efficiently.

Three version of App Volumes 3.0 will be available, including a standard edition, an advanced edition and an enterprise offering.  The basic package will be available for $60 per user and will include AppStacks, Writeable Volumes and integrated user environment management (UEM).  An advanced version will add AppToggle, AppCapture with AppIsolation and AppScaling for organizations with 1,000 or more seats.  And finally, the enterprise version will feature all of the previous features in addition to application monitoring capabilities.

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