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Shippable Accelerates Software Development With Modern Continuous Delivery Platform
Shippable has announced its new continuous delivery platform to help developers ship code faster. The platform's end-to-end deployment pipelines increase developer productivity by eliminating the need to create custom automation and integrations. It also gives developers broad flexibility and choice of development tools and deployment options, and provides a "future-proof" application delivery path with support for n-tier applications as well as cloud-native technologies such as Docker containers and microservices.

Today, companies need to ship high-quality software faster than ever. To achieve this, they typically build their own homegrown deployment pipelines, leverage 3rd party integrations and write extensive automation code to provision, configure and manage infrastructure. As a result, software teams spend only half of their time developing new product features, while spending the remaining half deploying these features. This prevents companies from adopting architectures and technologies that accelerate innovation since each new technical choice requires substantial rework for deployment, taking engineers further away from work that creates value for customers.

Shippable's continuous delivery platform allows software teams to innovate without sacrificing productivity. The platform is based on three powerful pillars:

  • Cloud portability: Shippable includes a cloud adapter, so customers can easily move applications from one cloud to another, or run in a hybrid fashion across public and private clouds without writing complex infrastructure code. This allows them to take advantage of the latest innovations and pricing from multiple providers such as Amazon ECS and Elastic Beanstalk, Google GKE, Microsoft Azure, as well as PaaS and IaaS providers.
  • Choice and flexibility through plug-and-play integrations: Shippable natively integrates with all popular developer tools so customers can choose those that best fit their requirements. These include source control providers (GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Atlassian Bitbucket), container registries (Docker, Google GCR, Amazon ECR), notifications (email, Slack, IRC, HipChat), and many programming languages and services.
  • A future-proof platform that eases adoption of new technologies: The platform supports both traditional multi-tier applications and next-generation apps and technologies, including microservices and containers. Companies can now adopt new technologies at their own pace with minimal disruption and rework costs.

The new platform builds on Shippable's existing continuous integration (CI) service that is currently used by over 50,000 developers and 8,000 organizations worldwide. Several major features and improvements were announced today, including:

  • Ability to customize Docker workflows: Docker workflows are driven by a versioned configuration file where developers can run any Docker command, including building, tagging, pushing Docker images, as well as using Docker compose to run tests against live services as part of their CI workflow.
  • Faster, more predictable builds: The build system has been re-architected to provide faster and more predictable build times. Build containers are completely isolated from other build containers.
  • Ability to run builds on any infrastructure: Customers can attach their own build nodes on-premises or in their own private cloud. This gives them complete control over their build system, and the assurance that their code never leaves their firewall.
  • Pipeline visualizations: A graphical dashboard shows where each code commit is within the deployment pipeline, so team members are always aware of what version of code is running in each environment.
  • Expanded RESTful API: The Shippable API now provides access for everything that can be done through the UI, providing a way for users to build apps on top of the platform.

Customer feedback on the productivity gains from the latest release has been very positive:

"With Shippable, our team is out of the business of building and maintaining DevOps plumbing, and can focus on delivering new features to our customers," says Chris Kinsman, Chief Architect of PushSpring. "This makes our team much more productive."

"We use the preview of Shippable's new platform, which gives us the choice to run builds on our own infrastructure," says Aaron Welch, Senior Vice President of Product at Packet. "By pairing the power of Shippable with dedicated hardware, our API build times dropped from 25+ minutes to less than seven minutes, and many other service builds were reduced by over 90%. To put the impact of this change in context, we will save something like 504 hours in 2016, not waiting for builds to finish. That's huge for our developers, and it's huge for our business."

"Solving the integration of DevOps toolchains from development through deployment through policy-driven automation is one of the most pressing needs in DevOps today," says Steve Hendrick, principal analyst for application development and deployment research at ESG. "Shippable is addressing exactly this issue thereby eliminating the brittle infrastructure-dependent scripting that is in use today. The result is a DevOps pipeline that is more application-centric, easier to manage, and adaptable to whatever tools and infrastructure an enterprise is using."

"Every company wants to ship code faster," says Avi Cavale, co-founder and CEO at Shippable. "Shippable makes developers more productive and delivers a higher quality result. More importantly, the pipeline we have built is flexible and future-proof. When you want to move to a new platform or a technology like microservices, our system supports this transition without requiring new tools or infrastructure. Developers can choose the tools they want, the right cloud for their apps, and where they want to run their builds. We automate the process and deliver actionable insights into their delivery pipeline against their chosen infrastructure."

The new Shippable platform is available today with freemium pricing. The free plan includes unlimited builds for public and private repositories with single build minion and one deployment pipeline. Additional parallel builds and pipelines are available for introductory pricing of $10/mo for each parallel build, and $10/mo for three additional pipelines. Enterprise pricing and support plans are also available.

Published Monday, February 29, 2016 11:26 AM by David Marshall
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