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VMblog's Expert Interviews: Kamesh Pemmaraju Talks About Mirantis OpenStack (MOS) Distribution Version 8.0


Earlier today, Mirantis announced its latest major release of OpenStack. The company is also hosting a technical webinar to discuss the updates and improvements in version 8.0 and answer your questions.  If the below information interests you, I recommend you register for the webinar here.

Meanwhile, ahead of the webinar, I wanted to find out more information and better understand what Mirantis is doing, so I once again reached out and spoke with Kamesh Pemmaraju, Mirantis vice president of product marketing.

VMblog:  What are the most important new features in Mirantis OpenStack 8.0?

Kamesh Pemmaraju:  Most important is our laser focus on stability. With 1,500 Mirantis OpenStack environments running at large global enterprises and service provider customers, our product and engineering teams receive a lot of feedback about how these clouds are performing. We incorporated this feedback into MOS 8.0 (based on the OpenStack Liberty release) and made it even more stable, resilient, performant, easy to operate at scale, and easy to get developers productive on the platform.  We are the #1 bug fixer in Liberty, with over 1,100 bugs fixed and we continue to vastly improve our performance, scale, and automated functional test suites with each release, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to stability.

We've also worked hard on improving developer productivity. Developers will love this release because now, just like VM's, they can self-provision bare metal nodes with the click of a button to run performance sensitive workloads such as databases, big data, and deep learning. This was made possible by our integration in MOS 8.0 of OpenStack bare metal provisioning project (Ironic) with the OpenStack installer (Fuel) so that developers can now get the same convenience of deployment of bare metal nodes just like other OpenStack services. We have also made it easier for developers to scale Kubernetes internally and also to burst out to a public Google Cloud Engine, and we have expanded the scope of Cloud Foundry services with our Murano broker integration. 

Finally, we wanted to ensure our customers had as much flexibility and choice as possible for infrastructure components. MOS 8.0 is the only distribution that orchestrates KVM on Ubuntu, RHEL7 KVM, Xen server, bare metal nodes, and VMware vCenter -- and in the same cluster. To see what other options are available, check out our complete list of technology partners. The pool of Fuel deployment plugins continues to grow, with the current count being over 170. We continue to expand our Mirantis Unlocked partners program to officially certify and support plugins for our customers, and you can find these certified customer-ready plugins in our Fuel plugin catalog. Mirantis OpenStack 8.0 is available for download today.

VMblog:  What are the most important new features for VM Admins?

Pemmaraju:  No doubt VM admins will most appreciate how we have simplified web-scale operations. MOS 8.0 makes it easier than ever to get OpenStack up and running ("Day 1") and to operate and manage a running cluster ("Day 2"). Here are just a few noteworthy improvements made in this release:
  • Parallelizing many tasks in Fuel (OpenStack installer now an official Big Tent OpenStack project) that can speed up deployment by up to 2x
  • Support for spreading OpenStack controllers across multiple racks using a layer 3 segmented underlay network, increasing both availability and scalability
  • Fuel now enables configuration changes and the ability to add new plugins to an already deployed cloud making ongoing day-2 operations faster, automated, and a lot more flexible than ever before
  • A new equipment view provides an aggregate view of all your equipment again helping operators visibility and insight the status of operating cloud.

VMblog:  Mirantis contributed a lot of software to Liberty, and you were number one in bug fixes and number two in overall contributions.  Does this reflect an increase in how much your engineers are working directly on key OpenStack projects?  And which ones matter the most to your company and customers?

Pemmaraju:  Our engineers contribute to pretty much all of the core OpenStack projects. The stackalytics website shows Mirantis' contributions to various OpenStack projects. Specifically, Mirantis leads in a few projects such as Fuel (OpenStack installer), Murano (OpenStack app catalog), Heat (OpenStack Orchestrator), Sahara (Big Data deployer) reflecting our commitment to make it easier to easily install OpenStack and to make it easier for developers to use the platform. In addition, we are the #3 contributor to Ceph to ensure our customers get a software-defined storage solution well tested and integrated with OpenStack.

VMblog:  What should customers be looking for in the next release?  And what are the most critical gaps or shortcomings in OpenStack today that you expect to change in the upcoming release?  Finally, what should our readers be looking for?

Pemmaraju:  We will continue to focus on "Day 2" operations so our big customers can easily monitor, log, scale, upgrade, rollback, and version their OpenStack clouds. Much of this work will be performed upstream in the upcoming OpenStack releases so the community at large can take advantage of it.  Another area of focus will be on making OpenStack the best platform for developers to easily build and deploy their applications and workloads. We will focus on making the CI/CD pipeline easy to use on OpenStack and also enable other workloads such as NFV and Big Data perform better than ever on OpenStack.


There are a lot of things happening right now in the world of OpenStack.  And Mirantis is right there, as usual.  Thanks again to Kamesh Pemmaraju, VP of product marketing at Mirantis, for taking time out to again speak with VMblog.

Published Tuesday, March 01, 2016 10:07 AM by David Marshall
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