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New Version of opvizor Health Analyzer for VMware Enables Automatic Remediation

This week, Opvizor, Inc. announced a significant new release, opvizor Health Analyzer 3.0 for vSphere. The latest release includes a new remediation platform feature.

"We had an amazing 2015, and this year has already exceeded our expectations. It´s great to see strong customer adoption and such a positive response to our products and features. Moving to the next front, we are responding to requests from our customers to automatically remediate detected issues. I´m very excited to announce the release of our remediation platform with Health Analyzer for vSphere Version 3," said Dennis Zimmer, CEO - opvizor.

Previously, customers were sent notifications detailing misconfigurations and other non-optimal settings of their VMware environment, but the onus remained on the customer to fix the issue. The new release enables the customer to click on an issue that needs remediation and select an automatic fix. This cutting-edge feature saves time, reduces error, and helps streamline the environment-management process.

"Based on our current statistics across millions of systems and close to 3000 customers, approximately half a million detected issues can now be fixed with a simple click. This is a huge step forward, leading to enhanced performance, reduced wasted resources, and increased stability and security," Zimmer said.


Some of the supported issues, that have remediation already active are listed here:

  • “VM CPU Limit”
  • “VM CPU Limit with CPU Ready”
  • “VM Memory Limit”
  • “VM Memory Configuration Is Smaller than Limit”
  • “VM Memory Limit with Ballooning or Swapping”
  • “Unauthorized Device Access”
  • “Parallel Device Connected”
  • “Serial Device connected”
  • “CD/DVD Image Media (ISO) Connected”
  • “CD/DVD Image Media Connected”
  • “Floppy Media connected”
  • “Floppy Media Image Connected”
  • “Virtual Machine Information Flow (limit rotateSize and keepOld) (VMX20)”
  • “Virtual Machine logging is disabled”
  • “Tools (disable-autoinstall)”
  • “Virtual Machine Information Flow (VMX24)”
  • “Monitor (disable-monitor-control)”
  • “Prevent Virtual Disk Shrinking”
  • “Unrestricted VMCI”
  • “Virtual Machine Information Flow (limit setinfo size)”
  • “Log Availability (VMX20)”
  • “Guest Remote Operations”
  • “Host Performance Information”
  • “Maximum Remote Connections”
  • “Disable Copy/Paste to Remote Console”

Additionally, this release includes recent updates that optimize the speed and performance of data crawling and provide an enhanced dashboard. It also reflects the addition of more than 50 new rules and recommendations to the already extensive database.

Opvizor Health Analyzer enables users to control every detail of their virtualized vSphere network with highly accurate, real-time monitoring and support tools. The solution provides a one-stop, turn-key, easy-to-use product that maintains VMware infrastructure at its peak.

Click here to try Health Analyzer for free for 30 days.

Published Tuesday, March 29, 2016 2:06 PM by David Marshall
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