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VMblog's Expert Interviews: Cole Crawford Talks OpenDCRE and Modernizing the DataCenter

 Vapor IO Interview

As IT and datacenter owners, we're constantly looking for new ways to modernize our environments while at the same time lowering costs and decreasing inefficiencies.  A new startup in Austin, TX announced earlier this month that it was helping do just that through open source projects, bringing out-of-the-box management capabilities that eliminate complexities and significantly lower CapEx and OpEx.

Vapor IO says it is providing the industry’s first intelligent, hyper modular data center solution and offering what it calls the Open Data Center Runtime Environment or OpenDCRE.  To find out more, I spoke with Cole Crawford, CEO of Vapor IO.

VMblog:  Tell us about Vapor IO and the news you recently announced.

Cole Crawford:  At Vapor IO, we are focused on helping to modernize today's data centers by providing an open platform, with which vendors can create innovative new data center infrastructure solutions. 

OpenDCRE, the Open Data Center Runtime Environment, is the world's first open source, intelligent, data center analytics platform - designed to simplify data center infrastructure communication, and is an open alternative to competing proprietary rack scale infrastructure, eliminating vendor lock-in.

We also recently announced that we've partnered with AppliedMicro Circuits Corporation, a global leader in computing and connectivity solutions for next-generation cloud infrastructure and data centers, and BASELAYER, the inventors of the software-defined modular data center, to highlight our goal of furthering development of hyper converged data center architectures within the open source community.

VMblog:  And what problems does OpenDCRE solve/address?

Crawford:  OpenDCRE is a superior and less restrictive alternative to competing proprietary rackscale infrastructure, eliminating vendor lock-in.  OpenDCRE also delivers a 21st century protocol to replace IPMI, and also provides modern orchestration requirements of hyper-scale cloud environments that traditional and obsolete technologies do not.

VMblog:  What's new in this version of OpenDCRE?

Crawford:  The datacenter is overcomplicated. With OpenDCRE, End Users have the ability to simplify and modernize the datacenter through an open source project. OpenDCRE not only allows developers and operational managers to create monitoring sensors to review their data centers, but it also decreases OpEx (Operational Expenditure), and CapEx (Capital Expenditure), ultimately lowering the costs of a business and increasing ROI (Return on Investment).

VMblog:  What do these technology partnerships with BASELAYER and AppliedMicro mean?  How have the technologies been integrated and how will this affect data center users?

Crawford:  These partnerships with BASELAYER and AppliedMicro highlight our goal of furthering development of hyper converged data center architectures and were developed in order to help create new and improved data center infrastructure products and solutions within the open source community.

OpenDCRE is the first true infrastructure automation and DevOps platform connecting IT and physical infrastructure and is a superior alternative to competing proprietary rackscale architectures. With this new release, version OpenDCRE 1.2 supports AppliedMicro X-Gene server family and BASELAYER Anywhere modular data center (MDC) products. 

VMblog:  Tell us about your work with the Open Compute Project and the open source community.

Crawford:  As the founding executive director of the Open Compute Project, I care very deeply about bringing our global community of technology leaders together. With this in mind, I believe cloud economics and hyper-scale type data center service optimization can be brought to the world through a community-based effort. This not only opens up the technological community to those who would be unable to fully participate, but it also allows collaboration among all, ultimately bringing together a plethora of ideas that would have otherwise never been heard.


Once again, thanks to Cole Crawford of Vapor IO for speaking with and participating in this Expert Interview Series.

I invite readers to check out Vapor IO to learn more. 

Published Thursday, March 31, 2016 8:25 AM by David Marshall
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