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Ravello Systems Readies Enterprises for Cybersecurity by Leveraging Public Clouds
Today, Ravello Systems demonstrates how leading enterprises are using the public cloud for every aspect of cybersecurity readiness and remediation. Ravello's nested virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN) technology make it easy to recreate entire data centers with existing virtual appliances on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud, complete with data center-like networking.

In 2015, there was a 50 percent increase in the number of global cyber incidents detected. That number is sure to rise this year. These attacks, if successful, are expensive -- an average distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) can cost a financial institution upwards of $100K per hour, for example. As a result, leading companies across all major verticals have made security readiness a top priority for the new year.

With Ravello technology, enterprises can recreate their data centers on AWS or Google Cloud -- using the same networking and same virtual appliances they already own -- for a fraction of the cost and time it took using past methods of cyber-readiness drills and testing. The Ravello data center clones are used for ethical hacking, cybersecurity training and readiness drills, and also to contain vulnerabilities. Using the Ravello platform on the cloud provides an accurate assessment of a user's overall security footprint, without impacting the functioning network.

Evaluating and Learning On-Premises Security Solutions Using the Public Cloud

Check Point, a leading provider of security solutions, uses Ravello technology to deliver life-like virtual data center labs for demonstrations and hands-on training for enterprise clients.

With Ravello technology, Check Point has been able to streamline its hands-on labs by offering on-demand provisioning and eliminating the need to configure and maintain hardware, such as ESXi servers and laptops. The result: a 50 percent reduction in costs, improved performance and elimination of capacity planning due to the innate scalability and ease-of-use of Ravello's solution.

To read the full Check Point-Ravello case study, visit:

Enterprise-Scale Cyber Ranges on Public Clouds

Cyber ranges are virtual environments that enable simulated threat scenarios in a safe and controlled space. They are employed for cybersecurity training, testing and cyber technology development. Another Ravello Systems' customer, SimSpace, delivers pre-defined or tailored cyber range networks ranging in scale from tens of nodes to hundreds of network machines. The SimSpace cyber ranges address the needs of cyber defenders across sectors, including financial institutions, healthcare, retail, academia and defense.

The SimSpace cyber range platform is quickly becoming a market leader, built upon Ravello Systems hypervisor technology to achieve cloud isolation and agility. SimSpace anticipates a major update in Q316 to its Cyber Range Platform that will expand newly integrated capabilities. With this update, the SimSpace Platform will continue to push the state-of-the-art boundary in cyber ranges, and enable customers to identify and mitigate cyber risk, address regulators' compliance requirements, and answer board-level questions regarding cyber capabilities and defense posture.

"Ravello's powerful nested virtualization technology allows us to provide a cost-effective solution to our customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional data center implementations, as well as integrate open-source and commercial defensive and offensive tools into the SimSpace Cyber Range. We are proud to be bringing a cutting-edge offering to the market that delivers fully featured cyber ranges on-demand, to meet the needs in today's cyber threat landscape," said Lee Rossey, CTO and co-founder of SimSpace.

To learn more about SimSpace's use of Ravello technology, go to:

Realistic Penetration Testing Leveraging the Public Cloud

Penetration testing or ethical hacking of an enterprise network to discover ‘holes' and vulnerabilities before a malicious hacker does, is a leading priority for CISOs around the globe today.

Today, enterprises can recreate a mock setup on Ravello technology that mimics their production infrastructure, and use it for penetration testing. Several large banks and retail companies are running complex environments on Ravello, in conjunction with popular penetration testing tools, such as Kali Linux.

Kali Linux was developed for the security community. More than 300 penetration testing tools have been built into Kali Linux. The technology was born out of the belief that the only real way to achieve sound defensive security is through an offensive mindset and approach. With Kali now running on Ravello technology, setting up penetration testing environments is both fast and easy.

Malware Detection Using the Public Cloud

Analyzing and detecting malware threats requires real-time environments, which traditionally could not be deployed in the public cloud. Ravello's isolated and secure capsules allow enterprises and security ISVs alike to proactively detect threats posed by malware using ‘disposable' environments on public clouds.

Leading enterprises around the globe rely on Ravello technology for security readiness to ultimately improve their overall cybersecurity operations, and for a variety of other purposes. To learn more about how different companies are using Ravello's nested virtualization and SDN technology, go to:

Ravello technology is delivered as a service, with pricing starting at $0.14 per hour. A free trial is available to get started, with up to 2,880 CPU hours, at:

Published Thursday, April 14, 2016 9:04 AM by David Marshall
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