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Vizru Unveils New Business Virtualization Platform - Enables a Unified, Fluid and Collaborative Business Ecosystem
Vizru Inc., providers of a modern business virtualization platform that allows users to build business automation apps in minutes over existing cloud and on-premise systems, today announced the immediate availability of the Vizru Business Virtualization Platform. Unlike existing Business Process Automation systems, the Vizru platform exposes and synchronizes data, and allows organizations to create extensible apps on top to achieve faster time to value while eliminating the need for IT involvement.

"Vizru apps are secure, quickly extensible and are easy to share with stakeholders inside and outside of our organization without requiring any demands from our valuable IT resources. It allows our business teams to visualize information across cloud or in-house systems, automate the flow of business and collaborate with stakeholders in real-time," said Victor Nelson, Sr. Manager Quality Systems, OCZ.

As the only company to offer a true business virtualization platform, Vizru allows real-time orchestration between cloud and in-house systems with integrated distributed processing for auto-scale and inline policy management. The platform provides a, feature-rich interface that's built for self-serviceability, and provides RESTful APIs for integrating with third party products, which are seamlessly infused into enterprise data visualization and business process automation.

"Using the Vizru Business Virtualization Platform we have enabled our business owners to automate the NFR licensing and provisioning process across our partner network," said Dorrick Roy, Business Operations Manager, VMWare.

The Vizru Business Virtualization Platform decentralizes business automation and enables business teams to assemble the next wave of business automation apps by themselves, in order to adapt to fluctuating business conditions. Key attributes to the platform include:

  • Smart Apps: App designer to spin-up purpose-built apps in minutes. Sample use cases include cloud partner and B2B exchanges, datacenter orchestration, real-time BI and analytics platform, elastic enterprise content collaboration and enterprise application integration.
  • Distributed Workflow: Enable business process automation across hybrid cloud. Design complex, cross-platform workflows across multi cloud environment and execute workflows through load balanced, distributed processing. All service requests are encrypted and secured through Vizru's proprietary trifecta security model.
  • Adaptive Policies: Centrally enforced policy management abstracted from underlying IT systems. The platform integrates with existing identity systems including LDAP, SAML and offers out-of-the-box multi-factor authentication. Encrypted and anonymized, Vizru supports signed service requests with inline expiry. The platform also reduces attack surface area to business systems by 90% through built in abstraction policies.
  • App Intelligence and Monitoring: Deep activity intelligence and monitoring which can be extended by REST or SDK. Data DNATM centrally enforces access and control lists in a single place while offering a single pane of glass to govern collaboration and automation policies. The solution automatically flags and reports abnormal activities while adaptive policy management allows portability between systems.

"Conducting business has changed vastly and today's business environment puts immense pressure on business teams to quickly adapt to perpetually changing conditions," said Ramesh Mahalingam, CEO and Founder of Vizru. "Using Vizru's virtualization technology, business users have the freedom, self-reliance and ability to enable business automation, while IT can retain total control over their data-sources and ensure security and operational efficiency."

Published Tuesday, April 19, 2016 4:15 PM by David Marshall
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