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New Cloud Management Platform Helps Enterprises Handle Workload Onslaught as OpenStack Moves to Widespread Developer Adoption
Solinea, provider of open infrastructure solutions for deployment and adoption of production clouds, pulled the curtain back on Solinea Goldstone Enterprise today as the company prepares for the OpenStack Summit in Austin next week.

The Solinea Goldstone Enterprise platform is designed to help enterprise cloud operators better manage the rising tide of workloads migrating to their production OpenStack clouds as these clouds gain favor among application developers. It is designed in response to input from Solinea clients, who wanted a platform not tied to a specific OpenStack distribution or architectural opinion. The product leverages the open source Goldstone project.

Existing tools to address this challenge are cobbled together from disparate open source projects, or they are tied to vendor-specific OpenStack deployment models and distributions. OpenStack-centric solutions are poorly covered by traditional IT operations management (ITOM) solutions, and the third-party ecosystem for management and monitoring of OpenStack is underdeveloped. This is the gap Solinea seeks to address with Solinea Goldstone Enterprise.

Solinea Goldstone Enterprise provides purpose-built monitoring and resource control for OpenStack private clouds based on the Kilo and Liberty editions of the software and is designed by a team of OpenStack experts that has deployed production clouds for enterprises around the world. The product is a resource optimization platform for enterprise operators of OpenStack private and hybrid clouds. Additionally, it offers audit and visualization capabilities and monitoring/alerting tools. The product offers three main categories of features:

1. Resource Optimization Capabilities

Resource leasing features allow cloud operations administrators to set rules for automated reclamation of VMs and Cinder volumes upon expiration. This "set it and forget it" feature saves cloud ops teams from aggregating wasted resources on applications no longer using them.

An Event Intelligence Engine in Solinea Goldstone Enterprise offers three capabilities useful to operators:
  • User-defined, saved searches and aggregations of event, log, or API call data across core OpenStack projects

  • Insightful resource usage, e.g., illustrating trends to identify most/least used core infrastructure resources in your datacenter

  • Change tracking analysis, which helps uncover exceptions such as unauthorized login  

Another feature, Goldstone Service Assurance, assesses the health of your OpenStack cloud and verifies that all component projects and services are operational, ensuring uptime and operational reliability.

2. Audit and Visualization Features

OpenTrail Auditor is a feature that records and delivers API usage audit trails to the administrator or auditor. A topology visualization tool provides automated mapping of the core OpenStack projects, with interrelations and click-through to related configuration details.

3. Monitoring and Alerting Tools

Any useful management platform provides full-featured monitoring capabilities, and Solinea Goldstone Enterprise is no different. The platform provides a summary health dashboard that monitors core resource usage and allows users to view alerts for operational status updates. Also included are a root cause analysis support tool and a vulnerability advisor that provides alerts from the OpenStack Community.

Users can also take advantage of guided investigations for on-demand analysis of logs, events, and API calls. The feature is built upon seamless, auto-aggregated source data from the core OpenStack components, enabling analysis and exploration of difficult-to-navigate core data.

"Successful OpenStack pilots and POCs face an existential threat when the time comes to move from a few, carefully curated workloads to wider-scale adoption and application portfolio migration," said Ken Pepple, CTO of Solinea. "One of the critical gaps, particularly with OpenStack, has been a lack of optimization and policy management resources that can perform well in production. Solinea Goldstone Enterprise fills that need and not only provides exceptional monitoring capabilities but also supports policy and governance requirements in production environments at scale."

"Enterprises are beginning to move a diversity of workloads to production clouds built on open source technologies, including OpenStack," said Al Sadowski, Research Director at 451 Research. "Enterprises are increasingly averse to vendor lock-in, and tools like Solinea Goldstone Enterprise are angling to gain a foothold as the open source cloud management market evolves."

"Enterprise users see OpenStack as an integration engine for new compute, storage and networking technologies," said Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation. "These users are looking for cloud management options to help them evaluate and deploy new technologies. A diverse ecosystem of products gives users a broad set of choices, and Solinea Goldstone Enterprise is contributing to that diverse ecosystem."

A technical preview demonstration and download of Solinea Goldstone Enterprise is available at Solinea is a sponsor of the OpenStack Summit in Austin and will offer Solinea Goldstone Enterprise demonstrations in Booth A32. Additionally, Solinea experts will present in five sessions during the Summit:
  1. DEFCON 3: OpenStack meets the Information Security Department

  2. Rolling Your Own Kubernetes Clusters on OpenStack with Ansible and Terraform

  3. The Test Takers' Guide to the Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam

  4. App Development in a Dockerized Universe

  5. Seeking Fame and Fortune in OpenStack Startup Land

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