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VMblog's Expert Interviews: Aviatrix Talks Cloud Native Networking

Interview Aviatrix 

Cloud native networking pioneer Aviatrix Systems recently announced its new Aviatrix Cloud Native Networking 2.0, a solution that's built from the ground up for AWS, Azure and Google.  The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and was founded back in 2014.  To find out more about the company and its technology, I spoke with the company's newly hired CEO, Steven Mih.  A technology veteran and evangelist himself, Mih joined Aviatrix to lead the company into its next phase of growth, building on the momentum of the company's recent GA launch and a $10M Series A funding round led by Ignition Partners and Formation 8 announced in September 2015.

VMblog:  To kick things off, why don't you tell us about Aviatrix?

Steven Mih:  Of course. At Aviatrix, we're focused on pioneering cloud native networking. We do this by simplifying how organizations scale in the cloud, enabling connectivity across a wide range of cloud architectures and delivering them with end-to-end network security. We were founded in 2014 and have just announced Aviatrix 2.0.

VMblog:  Can you give us an overview of Aviatrix 2.0 and what it offers?

Mih:  Absolutely. Aviatrix 2.0 combines a software-defined network controller and software gateways. This enables businesses using a combination of public, private and hybrid clouds to quickly and easily scale out virtual private clouds (VPCs) with VLAN-like segmentation of cloud resources - with policy-based security and detailed monitoring capabilities. Aviatrix provisions, orchestrates and secures elastic tunnels across regions. This eliminates manual configuration and reduces administrative complexity of cloud-to-cloud, user-to-cloud, and site-to-cloud connectivity. It requires no additional hardware or changes to existing routing infrastructure.

Aviatrix 2.0 is available for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, and provides enterprises with the ease and flexibility to grow their footprint in public clouds.

VMblog:  What problem does Aviatrix 2.0 solve?

Mih:  Its user centric UI and software defined architecture vastly abstracts complexity, enabling cloud production engineers to setup, connect and secure cloud networks within a few clicks from a central controller. Our goal is to make networking as dynamic and disposable as compute and storage. We are focused on removing constraints and limitations, enabling engineers to design the network the way they have always wanted.

VMblog:  Compared to traditional networking solutions, what does Aviatrix 2.0 do differently?

Mih:  Unlike traditional networking solutions, Aviatrix 2.0 abstracts away network complexity through integration with the cloud API and leverages cloud native services like DNS, load-balancing and storage. As a result, DevOps, cloud and network engineers can easily deploy, maintain and modify their cloud environments.

VMblog:  Also recently announced was your appointment as CEO.  Congratulations!

Mih:  Yes, I‘m thrilled to be joining the Aviatrix team. Most recently, I served as the SVP of worldwide field operations at Mesosphere. Prior to that, I was the SVP of worldwide sales at Couchbase.

My goal is to extend Aviatrix's position as the trusted leader in cloud native networking, and I'm happy to be working with a team that has such unparalleled technical expertise across both the datacenter and cloud environments. Aviatrix has tremendous growth potential and I look forward to helping lead the cloud native networking market.


Once again, a special thank you to Steven Mih of Aviatrix for taking time out to speak with

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