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Kaminario and Zerto Solution Improves Data Storage Efficiency and Makes Mission-Critical Data Highly Available for Enterprise Organizations

Kaminario, the leading all-flash storage company, today announced a partnership with Zerto, the standard for disaster recovery (DR) in virtualized and cloud environments, which provides enterprises with highly available flash storage for virtual environments. The combined solution of Kaminario K2 all-flash storage system and Zerto's hypervisor-based virtual replication software helps enterprise customers maximize the efficiency of their IT environments and make mission-critical data highly available to end users.

Today's enterprises are facing a perfect storm of data center trends. All-flash storage is becoming a standard in enterprise data centers for mission-critical servers and applications that have high performance and availability requirements. Additionally, many companies are choosing to deploy it in legacy storage environments, displacing or complementing traditional hard disk drive arrays. Meanwhile, virtualization technologies are pervasive for essential applications and databases. High availability, including replication between primary and DR sites, becomes a challenge in these complex virtual environments. The joint Kaminario and Zerto solution solves this common and highly problematic IT data storage and DR challenge by automating processes so applications and data are immediately available to end-users, maximizing productivity and business opportunities.

"The partnership between Zerto and Kaminario helps alleviate some of IT's top concerns related to service disruption, such as loss of employee productivity, revenue and business opportunities," said Eyal David, VP of business development at Kaminario. "Further, this joint solution allows IT organizations to deploy flash storage seamlessly into legacy environments, a huge pain point as organizations work to figure out how to integrate new systems into their existing IT infrastructure. Our customers around the world will benefit from the high availability for business-critical applications and data in virtual environments made possible by this partnership."

Through this partnership, Kaminario and Zerto are addressing these challenges. Zerto Virtual Replication operates at the hypervisor layer to enable the replication of virtual environments across heterogeneous storage. The combination of Kaminario K2's cost-efficient all-flash storage system with Zerto's hypervisor-based software enables enterprises to deploy flash storage in primary or in multiple data centers, and leverage legacy storage for business continuity or disaster recovery purposes in secondary sites. Organizations are able to automate processes to applications and data is immediately available to end users, as well as reduce DR complexity and hardware costs while protecting virtualized applications, servers, and databases. The joint solution enables customers to slash their RPOs to seconds and RTOs to minutes.

"Modern day enterprises have come to expect high levels of performance, efficiency and data availability that were unattainable just a few years ago," said Jennifer Gill, director of product marketing at Zerto. "The combined technologies of Kaminario and Zerto meet and exceed the most demanding requirements and provide consistently high application performance and data availability in heterogeneous environments."

Published Thursday, May 12, 2016 7:01 AM by David Marshall
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