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New Tintri Scale-out Storage Let's Enterprises Build Amazon-Like Clouds


Tintri is announcing a new VM-aware, all-flash scale-out storage platform that the company says will support up to 160,000 VMs. The new platform will allow organizations to grow from 17 TB to 10 PB for less than $1/GB. It also includes new analytics capabilities.

The announcement includes nine new Tintri VMstore T5000 all flash models with capacity expansion capabilities, VM Scale-out software, Tintri Analytics for predictive capacity and performance planning, and two new Tintri Cloud offerings. Combined, the new solutions are expected to offer customers an alternative to traditional storage solutions that don't support virtualized workloads.

"Scale is a defining characteristic of cloud. While many companies aspire to build cloud-scale infrastructures with agility and automation for diverse virtualized workloads, they are held back by conventional storage architecture that's simply not designed to support those requirements," said Ken Klein, Tintri Chairman and CEO. "With today's announcement, enterprises and CSPs can scale far more effectively-building their own Amazon-like cloud infrastructure-with a VM-aware storage platform that allows for control, security, cost efficiency and simplicity."

Tintri's announcement includes:

  • Updates to its Tintri VMstore T5000 with new capacity options of ranging from 17 TB to 308 TB. These systems leverage the latest in 3D NAND technology and high density drives to offer organizations both higher capacity and lower $/GB. In the future, Tintri will also enable capacity upgrades with some of these models to allow customers to scale up their individual VMstores. Combined with VAS VM-level capabilities and VM Scale-out software, customers can scale with complete flexibility, growing from one Tintri T5040 all flash system to 32 fully populated T5080s.
  • VM Scale-out software that provides predictive analytics derived from one million statistics collected every 10 minutes from 30 days of customer history, accounting for peak loads instead of average loads, for the most accurate predictions.
  • SaaS -based VM-level Tintri Analytics as part of its Tintri Operating System and Tintri Global Center management system to provide organizations the ability to model both capacity and performance requirements. Powered by big data engines such as Apache Spark and Elasticsearch, Tintri Analytics is capable of analyzing stats from 500,000 VMs over several years in one second.
  • Tintri Cloud Suites combining the Tintri Scale-out platform and the performance of all-flash VMstores, with the simplicity of its extensive VAS software portfolio to enable organizations to build their own private cloud. Customers can start with a single Tintri VMstore T5040 with 17 TB of effective capacity and scale out to the Tintri Foundation Cloud with 1.2 PB in as few as eight rack units. Or they can grow all the way to the Tintri Ultimate Cloud, which delivers a 10 PB cloud-ready storage infrastructure for up to 160,000 VMs, delivering over 6.4 million IOPS in 64 RU for less than $1/GB effective.
Published Tuesday, May 17, 2016 1:34 PM by David Marshall
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