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SIOS Delivers Industry-first Integration of Machine Learning Analytics with Database Performance Analytics for VMware Environments
SIOS Technology Corp. (, the industry's leading provider of software products that help IT optimize and protect business critical application environments, today announced the newest release of SIOS iQ machine learning analytics software for VM environments.

The new release integrates SIOS iQ with SQL Sentry Performance Advisor, bridging a critical gap between IT infrastructure administrators and SQL Server administrators. For the first time, IT staff can instantaneously identify and resolve the root causes of performance issues based on a comprehensive analysis of both the VMware infrastructure and the SQL Server application environment.

Other advances enable users to accurately predict and forecast performance and capacity utilization; improve efficiency by identifying and resizing under- and over-provisioned VMs; and save datastore capacity by instantly identifying rogue VMDKs. Powerful new information visualization in the new release enables IT to instantly see the health of operations across their infrastructure so they can correct issues immediately.

The new offering is the first in the industry to enable IT to leverage the combined power of machine learning based infrastructure analytics in SIOS iQ and deep database performance analytics in SQL Sentry Performance Advisor, to correlate SQL Sentry events from application to infrastructure to solve complex performance problems.

"Today, when an application user calls with a performance complaint, IT staff struggle to understand whether the cause is in the application, network, storage, or virtualization layer of the infrastructure. With the new release, SIOS iQ instantaneously correlates infrastructure behavior with the SQL Server performance issues identified by SQL Sentry Performance Advisor to immediately and accurately identify the layer causing the issue and to provide specific recommendations to IT administrators and database administrators to resolve the issue," said Jerry Melnick, president and CEO, SIOS Technology.

"Data is the foundation on which critical business applications are built. The need to continuously monitor, diagnose, and optimize the SQL Server platform is fundamental to meeting service level requirements." said Greg Gonzalez, president and CEO, SQL Sentry. "Integrating SQL Sentry Performance Advisor with SIOS iQ allows IT operations to access actionable event details from the SQL Server platform in the context of the virtual infrastructure. This greatly reduces time spent on problem resolution, and promotes effective cross team collaboration between operations and database administrators."

SIOS iQ features are released on an ongoing basis. Version 3.7 is available June 10, 2016 and includes:

SIOS iQ and SQL Sentry Event Correlation - Use SIOS iQ to check the status of the entire VMware operating environment. Link in context from a SQL performance alert within SIOS iQ to SQL Sentry for deep SQL Server application-level troubleshooting analytics capabilities. SQL Sentry database performance and custom events for SQL Server are presented in SIOS iQ and correlated to anomalous behavior across compute, storage, network and application. SIOS iQ and SQL Sentry greatly reduce time IT spends resolving operational issues and optimizing their SQL server operating environments by providing automatic, instantaneous root cause analytics and recommendations for issue resolution and improvement.

Performance Forecasting - Accurately forecasts compute performance issues leveraging the principles of machine learning to identify anomalies, workload impact, root cause and provide guided remediation to resolve them in the form of a seven-day forecast. Gives IT a view into future to anticipate performance issues and make corrections (i.e., place the workload in a right-sized VM, add more compute capacity, etc.) to prevent issues proactively.

Environmental Topology View - SIOS PERC DashboardTM in SIOS iQ uses powerful information visualization to render complex information into a form that enables users to easily understand the overall and specific health of the environments and clusters. It gives IT an instantaneous view of operating status across four key service dimensions: performance, efficiency, reliability and capacity utilization. The new environmental topology view is segmented by environment, color coded by issue severity.

The next release of SIOS iQ, version 3.8, will be available July 29, 2016 and will include:

Cluster Topology View - Extends the SIOS iQ Environment Topology view to provide a dense visualization of the entire VMware environment. Enables users to instantaneously identify and explore portions of the infrastructure that are experiencing abnormal behavior and to access recommendations to resolve issues immediately. In a single view IT can see quality-of-service issues related to performance, efficiency, reliability, or capacity. Enables IT to touch a topology element representing a composite of critical issues at the Data Center level to drill down to the VMware vCenter environment level, cluster environment, and the deepest level topology representation of objects participating in a critical issue.

Rogue VMDK - Generate a report identifying rogue VMDKs that are idly consuming storage. Datastores are filling up and customers need to find and eliminate unneeded VMDKs that are wasting gigabytes of storage resources on the data stores. Finding VMDKs can be a time consuming housecleaning process that wastes valuable resources. SIOS iQ instantly identifies underutilized VMDKs to free up resources.

Efficiency Reports - Create a consolidated report of undersized/oversized VMs, snapshot sprawl, rogue VMDKs in order to view and manage the environment in its entirety.

Jordan's Furniture: "SIOS iQ is the first place we look to see if there are any problems in our VMware environment and how to solve them. It instantly identified the root cause of latencies on one of our datastores and told us how to remedy it. The new features will only add to its value to us." -- Ethan Peterson, Network Engineer

Kusnetzky Group: "Virtual environments can be very complex. Most data centers have as many as seven different layers of virtualization technology in use, making it challenging to understand in detail what is happening and where the root cause of problems lie. Technologies such as SIOS iQ, enable enterprises to leverage the power of machine learning technology to analyze operational data and to get recommendations to optimize operations and resolve issues before they cause significant problems for critical applications." -- Dan Kusnetzky, Chief Research Officer

Published Tuesday, June 07, 2016 8:05 AM by David Marshall
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