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CloudLock Achieves Advanced Technology Partner Status in Amazon Web Services Partner Network

CloudLock, the leading Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Cloud Cybersecurity Platform, today announced the company has achieved Advanced Technology Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). By reaching this status, CloudLock demonstrates its commitment to enabling organizations to secure their AWS environments, including codeless security and cloud DLP for apps purchased on the AWS marketplace and custom apps built on top of AWS.

While IaaS vendors such as Amazon are responsible for securing the infrastructure, security is inherently a shared responsibility. Organizations now focus on user behavior and data exposures instead of the infrastructure itself. In addition, organizations are building their own apps faster than ever, where many of these apps are the most business-critical and store or process highly-sensitive data. With homegrown, custom apps, organizations need to be able to defend against compromised accounts, prevent data breaches, achieve compliance, and enable security operations and forensics.

The CloudLock Security Fabric provides powerful security for AWS at the user, console, and application levels and is the only solution to provide visibility and control for apps purchased on the AWS marketplace and custom, home-grown apps built on AWS. CloudLock leverages multiple AWS information sources, including CloudTrail, Config, and Inspector to provide a complete picture of AWS security. CloudLock offers Data Loss Protection (DLP), Visibility and User and Entity Behavior Analytics, Forensics, Compliance, and Configuration Security.

As a natural extension of its cloud-native, platform approach, CloudLock offers a collection of security microservices that are exposed either in the CloudLock Dashboard or individually as APIs that can be leveraged for custom integrations. CloudLock has integrated with AWS to apply these microservices across many Amazon components and applications:

Amazon EC2 and S3: Organizations can have sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, employee health information, and sensitive customer data on AWS. This can happen both knowingly and unwittingly, as employees, partners, and even customers can upload sensitive information in violation of policy. No matter the source, organizations are obligated to protect the information that finds its way into the AWS environment. CloudLock discovers and protects sensitive data on AWS, including Amazon S3, without requiring a single line of code. Customers identify sensitive information through CloudLock's out-of-the-box policies, as well as highly configurable regex and automated response actions, to address common compliance concerns.

AWS Admin Console: An organization's AWS admin console provides unfettered access to its AWS environment, including the ability to create or delete infrastructure at the click of a mouse. A compromised admin account on AWS can lead to catastrophic damage, including loss of brand reputation and hefty fines for data loss as a result of a breach. CloudLock secures privileged access to the AWS console with user and entity behavior analytics, configuration security (i.e., the creation of AWS access keys, access controls, and security group and password policy settings), activity logging, API call monitoring, incident and policy management, and content classification.

AWS Marketplace Apps: There are Marketplace apps of all types, from developer tools to business intelligence software. These apps often access and create sensitive data. CloudLock provides advanced cloud DLP capabilities to secure apps purchased on the Amazon Marketplace out-of-the-box, with no code or application configuration required.

Custom Apps on AWS: The custom apps that organizations build often process and store their most sensitive and business-critical data. At the same time, security for homegrown apps is often deprioritized or ignored entirely. CloudLock offers codeless security for the cloud apps you build, including protection from account compromises and data breaches, that can be applied without any changes to your applications.

Amazon Inspector: Amazon Inspector is an excellent source of security information about AWS. The CloudLock integration with Amazon Inspector allows organizations to orchestrate configuration security alongside user behavior and data-related incidents, enabling risk identification and remediation, such as modifications to security configurations that indicate potential weaknesses and may enable massive data exfiltration from Amazon S3, or the detection of the use of insecure and unencrypted ports or services.

"We are thrilled to be named an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network, enabling organizations to securely leverage cloud applications to power their mission-critical operations," said Manolo Gonzalez, VP Platform and Technology Alliances at CloudLock. "Being the most robust CASB and cloud cybersecurity solution on the market, CloudLock's comprehensive platform, combining threat intelligence and codeless integration with homegrown apps, provides a seamless experience for both SecOps and DevOps teams alike."

Learn more about the CloudLock security for AWS or visit the CloudLock listing on the AWS Marketplace.

Published Friday, July 22, 2016 6:32 AM by David Marshall
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