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VMblog's Expert Interviews: HyperGrid Talks Hyperconverged Infrastructure-as-a-Service (HCIaaS)

Interview Hypergrid 

Earlier this week, Gridstore and DCHQ merged to launch a new company called HyperGrid. And in that same announcement, HyperGrid said that it would deliver the industry's first HyperConverged Infrastructure-as-a-Service (HCIaaS), an application-aware offering that brings the simplicity and ease-of-use of HCI together with a pay-as-you-consume pricing model that scales elastically.

To find out more, I spoke with Kelly Murphy, Founder and Chief Evangelist at HyperGrid.  

VMblog:  Tell us about the background and details of the merger of Gridstore and DCHQ that led to the formation of HyperGrid.

Kelly Murphy:  As a company, we've continued to be successful from its inception and the timing is now right to invest in both, our future and the future of the industry.  We mapped out a strategy based on the intersection of where Hyperconverged Infrastructure and the cloud ultimately meets for enterprises and what will drive this.  When we initially met with DCHQ, we immediately saw how this could combination could accelerate that strategy.  Ultimately, both our vision and culture fit really well. It was natural for us to merge to bring our collective expertise and technologies to form HyperGrid. The leadership in both the companies will remain to lead the vision of the new company.

VMblog:  Along with the new company, you are also launching a new business model, Hyperconverged Infrastructure-as-a-service (HCIaaS).  Can you explain HCIaaS?

Murphy:  Yes, we are excited to launch Hyperconverged Infrastructure-as-a-service (HCIaaS), the first of its kind in the industry. HCIaaS is an application aware offering that will bring simplicity and ease-of-use of HCI together with a pay-as-you-consume pricing model.  This model will also bridge the needs of traditional and cloud-native developers with IT operations, delivering an AWS-like environment for your Enterprise that enables complete DevOps.

VMblog:  How is HyperGrid's new solution going to disrupt the HCI industry?

Murphy:  HyperGrid is the only HyperConverged platform delivered as-a-service that bridges Development and IT Operations. HyperGrid is aimed to provide hyper performance, security, simplicity, and control on a consumption basis. We are sure that HyperGrid's new solution will transform IT by providing customers what they need-ability and freedom to scale and control costs, without getting locked-in with one particular vendor. 

VMblog:  What is the vision for HyperGrid?  Where does that place you, in terms of size, in the industry?

Murphy:  The vision of HyperGrid is to power the digital enterprise and deliver IT at the flip of a switch.   CIOs are under tremendous pressure to deliver innovation while controlling costs and managing resources. HyperGrid aims to address these concerns with HCIaaS. The HyperGrid platform will dramatically simplify IT operations and lower costs while enabling developers to deliver innovate applications that can run in on any cloud or on-prem - where ever it makes sense for the application. Our new pay-as-you-consume model will offer budgeting flexibility that can be altered at a moment's notice to meet the needs of every company.

VMblog:  You mention that customers have been waiting for such a model/solution.  Can you share a few of their pain points and how HCIaaS will address them?

Murphy:  Customers want choice, not one-size-fits-all. To date, the Cloud has been a one-way destination where lock-in has been a major inhibitor to cloud adoption.  Customers are also tired of having to spend a lot of time and resource simply to procure and stand up infrastructure - which in itself delivers no value.  Customers want to consume infrastructure and focus on delivery of innovative applications that really add value to their business.  They want to be able to use their choice of hypervisor, container or bare metal and they want the ability to build, deploy and monitor applications at a push of a button to any cloud. Our solution gives customers what they have been asking for - an enterprise-grade platform for innovation that is simple to use, agile and scales elastically with a pay-as-you consume pricing model.  Customers will now be able to achieve all the benefits of the Cloud, without being locked in to a specific vendor and delivers complete accountability and governance over what and how much cloud resources are consumed by which developers.

VMblog:  Tell us the technology behind HCIaaS and how it will help developers, etc.

Murphy:  HyperGrid HyperConverged Infrastructure-as-a-Service (HCIaaSTM) provides the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) with the greatest flexibility for developers and IT operations. It is delivered via an open, distributed platform with a pay-for-usage model that requires no upfront costs. HCIaaS can be deployed on premises or through a qualified partner MSP. You can get more info and a product demo at:


Once again, thank you to Kelly Murphy, Founder and Chief Evangelist at HyperGrid, for taking time out to speak with

Published Thursday, July 28, 2016 8:20 AM by David Marshall
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