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VMware's Windows 10 Survey Results

Despite all the fanfare surrounding the celebrations taking place around the first anniversary of Microsoft Windows 10, most organizations aren't quick on the draw to deploy it.  That, according to the new survey results coming out of perhaps a somewhat unlikely place, the virtualization giant VMware.  However, with their finger on the pulse of IT and their growing EUC line of business, in the end, it really does make sense that they would have access to the right audience to ask these questions.  

VMware reached out to its customer base, with global participation coming from enterprise, commercial and SMB customers and partners.  They ended up surveying 418 end customers and 157 partners, gauging customer sentiment, understandings, and priorities associated with a migration to Windows 10.

What the VMware study found was that while Windows 10 is clearly a priority, most organizations won't have Windows 10 running on 75 percent or more of their machines until late 2017 at the earliest.  And while Windows 10 migration is a focus for EUC projects, motivation for migration shows that there may be a need for more customer education on the full breadth of Windows 10 capabilities. 

Some of the findings include:

  • Windows 10 migration is the top priority (64%), followed by maintaining/supporting existing Windows 7/8 PCs (56%) and PC hardware refresh (51%).
  • Few are migrating due to better management (25%), new EMM capabilities (15%) or support for new application types (11%).
  • When asked if Windows 10 will change Windows Management, more than half of respondents stated it will not change (58%) or simply don’t know (16%).
  • Few recognized Windows 10 will enable the embrace of enterprise mobility management (EMM) techniques (17%) or cloud-based management and management services (14%).

These are not the responses that Microsoft wants to read.  But without a much bigger sales and marketing push coming from the Redmond giant, corporate migrations to Windows 10 are going to be delayed.  As part of that lack of education, the survey suggests that one of the top reasons (74% identified) for Windows 10 migration has more to do with the eventual obsolescence of Windows 7 and 8 than any compelling Windows 10 feature -- not the most exciting reason to migrate now.  Other migrations are because it’s included in their license agreement (49%) or because Windows 10 offers better support for new hardware (43%).  Again, good reasons but still missing the sex appeal.

Find out more about the Top 5 Windows 10 Survey Findings from VMware by Mark Margevicius.

Published Friday, August 12, 2016 8:40 AM by David Marshall
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