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CBM Archives Triples Performance by Deploying OpEx-based Zadara On-Premise-as-a-Service

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Zadara Storage, the award-winning provider of enterprise-class storage-as-a-service (STaaS) today announced that CBM Archives has deployed the Zadara VPSA storage array architecture to support their document management business. CBM Archives has been able to leverage the Zadara Storage VPSA On-Premise-as-a-Service (OPaaS) solution to transition from CapEx storage to OpEx storage, all while keeping their data on-site within their data center.

CBM Archives is a high tech document management firm whose client base includes state and local government agencies. Their storage needs are significant, and success is predicated on their ability to deliver cost-effective access to information. However, their internal storage architecture was not able to keep up with their company requirements. Due to the budget cycle, they were forced to either over purchase in the near term to insure sufficient capacity several years out, or risk under purchasing and not having enough flexibility to scale through legislatively mandated, unfunded changes. Additionally, as soon as the storage was filled, it would become obsolete and need to be replaced. The entire process of forecasting, purchasing, managing and replacing the storage was clearly inefficient.

After investigating their options, CBM Archives chose Zadara Storage as their new partner. By deploying Zadara On-Premise-as-a-Service, they have been able to standardize on a common platform, eliminating the need for multiple storage products. With the OpEx, as-a-service model, they no longer need to replace their storage every 3-5 years. They have also been able to eliminate the entire forecasting process because they simply grow or shrink their capacity as-needed. This helps CBM Archives control their budget and manage operations. Since deploying the Zadara OPaaS solution, I/O throughput has increased by a factor of 3 and their backup process has improved by a factor of 10.

"We were most impressed with Zadara's ability to listen to our requirements and meet our needs, rather than the other way around," said Jerry Sanders, president at CBM Archives. "We sincerely appreciate working with Zadara. They have helped us transition our business - improving customer satisfaction and reducing overall costs."

"CBM Archives is yet another example of why the market is rapidly moving away from CapEx storage to OpEx storage," said Bob Sarubbi, vice president of Americas sales and strategic alliances at Zadara Storage. "They were facing the challenge of needing to replace their storage architecture and had no budget to meet the task. By deploying Zadara's On-Premise-as-a-Service solution, they exceeded their original expectations." 
Published Tuesday, August 16, 2016 11:20 AM by David Marshall
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