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Converged Technology Group to CIOs, CSOs: How Secure is Your Network?

Being "hacked" today has a very different meaning than it did a decade ago. Cybercrime has evolved to a point where it could almost be called the next phase of organized crime.  Cybercriminals are smart, dedicated and opportunistic, which means no organization is immune to attack.  In fact, most are more vulnerable today than ever before simply because we live in an increasingly connected world.  Work doesn't happen within the confines of four walls anymore - it happens anywhere and everywhere. And with the proliferation of the Internet of Everything (IoE), the idea of connectedness just got a whole lot larger, broadening intrusion opportunities for today's very sophisticated breed of hackers. 

The question is no longer if a company will be breached; the question is when it will happen and how much damage will be done.  According to Converged Technology Group (, an award-winning Managed Services Partner (MSP) serving clients throughout the Northeast, the solution to securing business-critical data is to create and deploy a multi-faceted security architecture capable of both thwarting the attacks that can be stopped and shortening the time to detection and remediation of those that do occur.

"There is no single product or service that will entirely mitigate the risk of attack," says Leo E. Galletta, President and CEO, Converged Technology Group. "With the help of an experienced solution provider, however, IT professionals can seamlessly integrate best-in-class security technology within a proven security architecture. And by combining that solution architecture with the right professional services, security professionals can mitigate risk and defend their companies' intellectual property and digital assets from any number of very real cyberthreats across the attack continuum."

Five Questions that Reveal Security Vulnerabilities

Because budgets are limited, it's critical for an organization's top IT professionals to seek prescriptive recommendations that will help them make informed, cost-effective security investments. And since there is no one-size-fits-all security solution, IT professionals must be both risk-aware and willing to ask themselves a series of pointed, revealing questions along the way.

  1. Would you characterize your approach to security as proactive or reactive?
  2. Are you prepared to defend your organization's digital assets throughout the entire attack continuum?
  3. Based on the complexity of today's threats, are you confident you have the technological barriers you need along the Internet perimeter to mitigate those risks?
  4. If a compromise begins inside your network, do you have the visibility to determine what is taking place within your production environment?
  5. Can your security solution adapt to real-time threats, stopping them before they infiltrate your network despite having users who connect with the world on any device, at any time, from any place?
Learn about the security frameworks that can address the varied threats your organization faces every day:
Published Tuesday, August 16, 2016 9:42 AM by David Marshall
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