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Metalogix Announces Content Matrix v8.1, the First SharePoint and Office 365 Solution to Support Microsoft's Online Provider Migration Containers

Metalogix, the premier provider of unified software to migrate, manage and secure content across enterprise collaboration platforms, today announced that Content Matrix version 8.1, the most powerful tool for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 migration and management, is the first solution to support Microsoft's Online Provider Migration Containers for minimizing migration configurations.  

The announcement showcases Metalogix's continued leadership by keeping pace with Microsoft's focus on removing the barriers for migrating to SharePoint Online. Together with Metalogix's unique Distributed Migration process, Content Matrix v8.1 is the only solution that alleviates manual processes, ensures optimal performance and delivers configuration integrity during content migration into SharePoint and Office 365, on-premises and into the cloud.  

"Content Matrix v8.1's enhancements reflect our unrivaled experience with helping organizations successfully migrate to SharePoint and Office 365," said Trevor Hellebuyck, Chief Technology Officer, Metalogix. "For instance, simplification and optimization are always key goals in any IT environment, and Online Provider Migration Containers enable users to simplify design and reduce the barriers to Office 365 migrations."   

Now, during the migration, users will by default have their content encrypted by Metalogix Content Matrix and deposited into a container provisioned by Microsoft at no extra charge without any extra configuration.  This will convert the migration API to the default behavior for all users during the Office 365 migration -- helping to combat any concerns around performance or configuration.  

Last year, Microsoft released its Azure Migration API, which enabled content migration to SharePoint Online with up to 20 times over the original performance speed. Content Matrix v7 was one of the first to support the API, which helped reduce the time of migrations. Yet, configuring systems to support that API required additional cost and labor.  

Recently, Microsoft released SharePoint Online Provided Migration Containers, which provides a storage mechanism for every Office 365 tenant and reduces migration API configuration to almost zero. Combined with the Azure Migration API, organizations moving to SharePoint Online or Office 365 with Content Matrix v8.1 will experience less pre-migration preparation and increased migration speed to the cloud.  

Distribution Migration

Content Matrix v8.1's Distributed Migration feature alleviates manual efforts necessary to maximize migration performance through the use multiple simultaneous migrations.  

This new feature allows a user to establish a base machine (Controller) that remotely links with a set of other machines (Agents) in the back-end.  Together, with Content Matrix, this facilitates the planning of multiple migrations, queuing them up and distributing them as necessary. This gives IT teams the ability to utilize as many machines as can be committed to the migration effort regardless of the volume of accounts or data. Distributed Migration continues to use Content Matrix's industry leading methodology of connecting directly to the SharePoint database.  

"We designed Distributed Migration based on our experience with large-scale, large volume organizations that needed to successfully migrate massive content databases in record timeframes," continued Hellebuyck. "Through the parallel processing of migration jobs, we enable much greater utilization and better workload throughput. Ultimately we reduce the inherent risks of a migration and assist in finishing your project on-time and on-budget."  

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Published Thursday, August 18, 2016 3:07 PM by David Marshall
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