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VMblog's Expert Interviews: HotLink Talks Cloud-Attached Data Center

Interview HotLink 

Interview with HotLink CEO, Lynn LeBlanc

HotLink has become known for helping next-generation data centers to easily adopt a wide range of hybrid computing resources without adding complexity to their IT operations.  To continue down that path, the company recently launched what it calls a Cloud-Attach Platform.  To find out more, I spoke with HotLink CEO and founder, Lynn LeBlanc.

VMblog: I know you recently introduced some big news.  Can you please give our readers an overview of what HotLink launched?

Lynn LeBlanc:  Public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), are now considered integral resources to help companies reap the benefits of scalability, agility and speed at costs that are attractive to any size organization. These benefits are also why analyst firms like IDC state that more than 65 percent of IT shops are committing to a hybrid cloud strategy in 2016. And yet, companies get tripped up on this cloud transition because they need an effective way to manage their resources for the entire environment without adding more tools, staff and complexity.

That's why HotLink has launched the HotLink Cloud-Attach Platform, which is purpose-built for helping IT teams quickly, easily and holistically integrate public cloud resources into their existing VMware data centers. Incorporated into all of HotLink's products, HotLink Cloud-Attach technology lets IT teams natively extend their on-premise VMware vCenter management and the ecosystem of VMware compatible tools to AWS and other public clouds in less than two hours. This is the only platform to enable cloud-based resources to be managed side-by-side with local vSphere hosts and virtual machines, using the same tools, templates, scripts and workflows. We have also launched support for AWS GovCloud across all our products. 

In addition, HotLink also introduced new managed service offerings for deployment, monitoring, alerting and reporting. Additional capabilities include ongoing AWS cost management and load optimization.

VMblog:  Can you explain a bit more about what you describe as a cloud-attached data center?

LeBlanc:  In the same way that network-attached storage (NAS) resources are shared across an IT environment, a cloud-attached data center follows the same principle - logically attach the public cloud to your on-premise environment for a shared pool of resources. Companies no longer have to worry about the complexity that usually comes with bringing together two disparate sites and infrastructure types. Instead, with a modern cloud-attached data center, IT teams have a unified approach for operational management that includes deployment, administration, management and orchestration of all of their on and off-premise resources. 

A cloud-attached data center is valuable for organizations of all sizes, across all industries. However, mainstream corporate IT is just scratching the surface of the cloud-attached data center. HotLink changes this dynamic and lets companies get started TODAY. The HotLink Cloud-Attach Platform is specifically designed to make this new computing model easy, letting companies create a seamless pool of hybrid computing and storage resources at budget-friendly prices.

VMblog:  How is HotLink's platform different than others?  What makes it unique? 

LeBlanc:  The new HotLink Cloud-Attach Platform is patented technology and is unique because it provides out-of-the-box interoperability between VMware management infrastructure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, VMware vCloud Air and multi-hypervisor on-premise - without sacrificing management functionality or adding operational complexity. No one else offers this kind of native interoperability. 

The HotLink Cloud-Attach Platform tackles hybrid IT management from the bottom up - isolating, abstracting and automating the complexities of on-premise and cloud-based platforms to provide a simple and flexible approach to hybrid computing.

Hotlink utilizes a cloud-optimized, software-defined approach to management, administration, networking, security, orchestration and third-party tool integration, which is key to a successful cloud deployment. As a result, companies can make public cloud resources logically equivalent to their on-premise virtualized resources. This will resonate with corporate IT departments, as an integrated cloud-attached data center that is integrated seamlessly with on-premise resources will offer the best ROI for hybrid IT.

VMblog:  Finally, what types of hybrid management projects are you helping customers with?

LeBlanc:  It's no secret that moving workloads to the cloud can shrink data center footprints and allow companies to future proof their environments so they can easily adapt to change. There are a range of hybrid projects we're helping customers with, such as disaster recovery and business continuity, bursting to the cloud, hybrid management, dev/test and cloud migration.

Our solution for managing disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC), HotLink Managed DRaaS, is experiencing incredible customer adoption rates. A major outage can wreak havoc on any size organization, and yet IT teams will still run the risk of going without a disaster recovery plan because of the cost and complexity required to set up and maintain a secondary site.

Whatever your hybrid use case, HotLink Cloud-Attach makes it easy. And we give companies the ability to pick the right infrastructure type for each use case, whether on-premise or in the cloud, while leveraging the management investments and skills already in place.


Once again, thank you to Lynn LeBlanc, CEO and founder of HotLink, for taking the time to speak with

Published Monday, August 22, 2016 7:52 AM by David Marshall
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