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HPE Aruba Introduces Developer-Ready Mobile First Platform to Unlock the Potential of Modern IT Infrastructures

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, today announced the Aruba Mobile First Platform, a software layer that uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide third-party developers and business leaders with network insights to improve applications and services. The platform accelerates integration and innovation of mobile and IoT at the speed of the developer ecosystem, rather than the pace of a single vendor.

To support today’s mobile first and rapidly developing IoT environment, networks must deliver more than connectivity. The days of one-dimensional networks designed for static functions are over. Modern networks must be able to easily adapt to new application requirements on-demand. With actionable insights about the use of specific mobile apps and the operational technologies powered by IoT, networks can help organizations justify future digital technology investments.

The Aruba Mobile First Platform unlocks the ability for an ecosystem of developers and technology vendors to freely innovate, utilizing the rich contextual information the Aruba infrastructure collects from mobile and IoT devices, and customize networking functions dynamically in real-time. As a result, customers can improve existing applications and create new ones to enhance the customer experience, improve business operations, and drive new revenue opportunities.

Advanced Network Controls and Policy Enforcement for Pervasive Mobility

The foundation of the Aruba Mobile First Platform is built on ArubaOS 8, a new operating system that allows developers to leverage contextual information from the infrastructure via its northbound API. Deployed as a virtual machine (VM) on a server appliance, ArubaOS 8 significantly simplifies changes within the infrastructure and enables customers to instantly scale their networks.

ArubaOS 8 also enables greater programmability in the Aruba infrastructure with the ability to upload custom app signatures in real-time. Developers and ecosystem partners can easily enable policy management and quality control for new, business critical applications without network upgrades or downtime.

Ecosystem partner, Skyfii, harnesses the power of the Aruba Mobile First Platform to help businesses analyze and visualize customer behavior data. Leveraging contextual data about users, devices, applications and location from the Aruba Analytics and Location Engine (ALE), Skyfii gives retailers a better understanding of behavior and lets them engage shoppers with targeted advertising and marketing calls to actions.

Increased Network and Application Access Control for Mobile and IoT

The latest enhancements to Aruba ClearPass software as part of the Mobile First Platform deliver deeper insights into all connected devices and improve capabilities for third party integration.

The new ClearPass Extensions make it easier for IT security professionals and developers to integrate cloud-hosted technology services with Aruba ClearPass. Without major code changes to the base ClearPass software, ecosystem partners simply place their software into a repository that can be leveraged via an API. This allows customers to easily and quickly create automated workflows.

In the case of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), Intel Security’s unified management platform, users can check the status of a device. McAfee ePO also provides unified management of endpoint, network and data security. With end-to-end visibility and powerful automation tools, McAfee ePO dramatically strengthens protection and drives down the cost and complexity of managing risk and security.

“ClearPass Extensions and the Aruba Mobile First Platform provide a simplified, open model for us to rapidly integrate and extend our offering,” said D.J. Long, Head of Intel Security Innovation Alliance. “The McAfee ePO integration with ClearPass provides customers unified visibility of security posture regardless of network, device type or user location, and automates access policy to safeguard enterprise networks.”

To automate access to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) attributes from the cloud, the Microsoft Intune integration via ClearPass Extensions enables greater control for organizations that want to provide employees with secure access to corporate applications, data, and resources on almost any device. The Intune integration with Aruba will be available in Q4 CY2016.

“Delivered from the cloud and designed to address the needs of today’s mobile-first cloud-first world, Microsoft Intune delivers a comprehensive set of mobile device management and mobile application management capabilities that help you manage your diverse mobile environment in a secure and unified way” said Andrew Conway, General Manager of Product Marketing for Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security. “Our integration with Aruba ClearPass will allow you to make sure only managed and compliant devices are able to connect to your corporate network.”

Opening the doors to a wide variety of use cases, technology partners like Kasada can be integrated easily for multi-factor authentication (MFA) workflows. Envoy and Sine are examples of partners that automate a guest Wi-Fi access request through ClearPass, via their visitor registration services. Customers can leverage existing solutions, improve user experience and quickly utilize automation to offload IT resources.

The new ClearPass OnConnect is ideal for customers who are not ready to deploy 802.1X and RADIUS across their multivendor wired networks for IoT connectivity. Policy management for such environments can still be enabled, where all devices are profiled and placed into proper network segments, without extensive IT operational investment.

Improved User Experience and Business Insights for Indoor Location Services

The Aruba Mobile First Platform introduces advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) analytics capabilities to the Meridian Mobile App Platform that go beyond simple monitoring of dwell times at a specific location. The new Meridian Goals leverages insights gathered via BLE to inform marketing and business development teams about the success or failure of their latest engagement campaigns, eliminating the need to sort through varied, detailed reports to determine the results of an engagement program.

With the latest release of Meridian, businesses can now enable location sharing among visitors at venues or employees at work. Individuals running the same mobile app on their phones can share their physical location with colleagues and friends while retaining complete control of their privacy. These new features heighten the user experience and fuel business intelligence regarding collaboration in the workplace and customer behavior within public venues.

Delivering Cloud Networking to Distributed Enterprises

Addressing the demands for highly customizable cloud networking solutions, Aruba has made significant advancements to its subscription-based, cloud-hosted network services solution, Aruba Central. With its multi-tenant architecture and the new managed services portal, Aruba Central allows resellers to rapidly create custom-branded managed services, deliver value-added services to existing customers and tap into new opportunities. Existing customers and partners can now easily add Aruba Central to their portfolio by integrating it with their existing systems through APIs.

Additionally, Aruba Central now includes enterprise-grade capabilities such as Aruba Clarity for predictive visibility into Wi-Fi health and Wi-Fi analytics for visibility into mobile user presence across different physical spaces. The new Aruba Central mobile app allows IT staff to deploy Wi-Fi, wired and WAN routing infrastructure components with zero touch.

Maximize Revenue with the Partner Ready for Networking Program

Taking advantage of the Aruba Mobile First Platform and positioning partners to be highly competitive in the rapidly changing mobility networking market, Aruba is introducing the Partner Ready for Networking program. This new channel program takes the best elements of the Aruba PartnerEdge and HPE Partner Ready programs to create a new program that enables partners to capitalize on the burgeoning enterprise mobility market opportunity.

The new Partner Ready for Networking program delivers predictable profitability via deal protection and a simple structure that makes it easy to calculate deal profitability at the front- and back-end. Channel partners benefit from expanded revenue opportunities as they are rewarded for specializations in cross-selling and up-selling both wireless and wired solutions. Partners also have the opportunity to increase margins for expertise in recognized mobility competencies and the program offers enriched back-end incentives for specialized networking expertise. The ability to sell extensive services, including managed services such as Aruba Central, will further enhance partner margins and enable them to attain trusted advisor status with their customers.

The ability for partners to move quickly and be responsive to their customers drove one of the core principles of the new program – to simplify and make it easier to do business. The Partner Ready for Networking Program offers a dedicated partner portal, streamlined one-page deal registration with simplified approval process, easy to understand program requirements with a single point of contact, and planned marketing development fund and lead generation tools and services.

With the new Partner Ready for Networking program, partners will significantly improve their competitive position while maximizing their revenue opportunities with a more predictable revenue stream.


The Aruba Mobile First Platform and the associated enhancements to ArubaOS, Aruba Central, Aruba ClearPass and Aruba Meridian are available in the fourth quarter calendar year 2016.

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HPE Aruba Introduces Developer-Ready Mobile First Platform to Unlock the Potential of Modern IT Infrastructures – Datacenter Talk - (Author's Link) - September 12, 2016 9:27 AM
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