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VMblog's Expert Interviews: KALEAO Explains True Convergence, Physicalized, and the Problems Solved by KMAX

Kaleao Interview 

VMblog:  To kick things off, would you please tell us about KALEAO and its offering?

Giovanbattista Mattiussi:  KALEAO is a high tech start up headquartered in Cambridge UK with offices in North Carolina, USA, Italy and Greece. It was founded in 2015 by a group of seasoned executives with years of experience at a company called Eurotech.

KALEAO provides innovative compute and storage solutions to cloud computing providers, web hosting companies, content delivery companies, hyperscalers and enterprise IT organizations. KALEAO is bringing to market a new-generation of ARM based integrated systems that natively converge compute, storage and networking with support for web-scale application deployment in a high-density, low-power and scalable manner.

VMblog:  Talk about KMAX.  I've heard you call it "true converged" technology.  What does that mean?

Mattiussi:  KALEAO's true convergence technology allows to dynamically create "physicalized" computing resources and assign them directly to virtual machines and applications. Hardware resources are exposed to global disaggregated pools of compute, storage and networking from which, via software it is possible to dynamically create "bare metal" devices, which are assigned to the guest machines.

VMblog:  Why do you consider KMAX a milestone in the industry?

Mattiussi:  KMAX is truly a ground-breaking technology because it is "True Convergence" infrastructure. This is almost a change of paradigm-possible because of a different and more rational approach to server architecture. We chose ARM to have the freedom to optimize the design, eliminate duplication with positive effects on performance, energy efficiency and cost. On top of the architecture, we built the technology that underpins true convergence. With the concept of dynamic allocation of desegregated converged physical resources, KMAX offers something that has not been seen in the market yet.

VMblog:  What IT/business problem will KMAX solve?  And how does it work?

Mattiussi:  Service providers and IT organizations are always under pressure to deliver more advanced IT services seamlessly, adapting quickly to a variable business demand, retaining security, leveraging innovation and controlling costs. It is not an easy mix to manage.

KMAX natively converges compute, storage and networking and reduces software overheads and latencies, enhancing data locality. Leveraging this innovative technology, the simplicity of an appliance deployment and the cost advantages of ARM 64bit hardware, KMAX is capable of achieving significant savings in terms of energy efficiency, density and scalability, while delivering hyperconverged agility without any performance trade-offs. It has great energy efficiency with 3-4 times less energy consumption than traditional infrastructures and hyperconverged solutions, it is extremely dense, using 6 to 10 times less space than hyperconverged, blades and rackmount solutions, it uses only fast flash storage, enabling a lower TCO to offer more computing per dollar and unit of space.

VMblog:  What's the rollout plan for KMAX?

Mattiussi:  KMAX is marketed in two editions: a Server Edition, which comes with KALEAO hardware and essential software for an open, tightly converged platform, or the Appliance Edition, built on the KMAX server with full software and functionality in an integrated, turn-key solution. We like to think of the KMAX appliance as a means of delivering computing services rather than a computing platform.

KMAX is going to be commercially available initially through an early adopter program starting October 2016 with full commercial availability from Q1 2017.

VMblog:  I understand your company will be at the IP EXPO in London this year.  What can we expect to see from KALEAO?

Mattiussi:  Yes, KALEAO will be showcasing our new KMAX and presenting a seminar to the attendees. John Goodacre, our co-founder and chief scientific officer and Dr. Julian Chesterfield, director of emerging technologies at OnApp Ltd., will jointly present a talk on, "Leveraging True Convergence," on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 from 3-3:30 p.m. (local time).  We will introduce KMAX to attendees, the system design choices and the KALEAO "physicalization" - our term that describes the software defined hardware creation of disaggregated resources.


Once again, thank you to Giovanbattista Mattiussi, Principal Marketing Manager at KALEAO, for speaking with VMblog.

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