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Automic Introduces v12 to Drive Operational Agility and Empower DevOps
Automic Software, the leader in Business Automation, today announced Automic v12, a unified suite of business automation products for driving agility across Enterprise Operations and empowering DevOps initiatives:
  • v12 allows agents to auto-update with zero business impact
  • v12 removes maintenance windows
  • v12 makes managing core business applications agile
  • v12 drives intelligent insights across automation silos

Agile IT Operations Integral to Driving Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is driving the need for agility and speed across organizations of all sizes. DevOps has emerged as a response to fast development of customer facing apps for both web and mobile.  Alongside these, enterprises are left grappling with complex, enterprise systems while being told to ‘rip and replace' these backend systems and move them to the cloud.

As a result, traditional enterprises are under tremendous pressure. Automic v12 was built to address these needs and assist IT operations teams in their digital transformation by driving agility across their core business applications, and empowering their DevOps initiatives.

"As enterprises embrace digital transformation, they are being asked to "rip & replace" their core business applications into the cloud," said Todd DeLaughter, CEO of Automic Software. "We believe you don't have to throw out all your battle-tested operational know-how in order to increase speed and agility. Automic V12 has been designed for the hybrid enterprise to drive agility across operations, while empowering new DevOps initiatives".

The Automic v12 Unified Product Portfolio:

Automic v12 comprises three unified products that are built on the industry's most open and scalable business automation platform:

  • Automic Workload Automation v12, to centrally create, manage and monitor business processing across your hybrid clouds.
  • Automic Release Automation v12, to coordinate application release and deployment for core business applications and DevOps initiatives across your hybrid clouds.
  • Automic Service Orchestration v12, to orchestrate automation services across the business, application and infrastructure layers of your hybrid clouds.

Automic v12 drives Agility and empowers DevOps:

Automic v12 introduces new capabilities that help drive agility across enterprise IT, while empowering their DevOps initiatives:

1. NEW: Intelligent Auto-Updating of Agents and Removal of Maintenance Windows
Automic v12 ushers in an era of zero-downtime upgrading for operational IT.

  • Automic's new agents auto-update with zero business impact by intelligently determining when to upgrade based on their workload and operational schedule.
  • Maintenance Windows are now a thing of the past for Automic software. With v12, our customers now benefit from zero-downtime upgrades when deploying new server or agents.
  • Automic v12 enables our customers to achieve zero-downtime upgrades by embracing our unique blueprint for continuous delivery of their own core business applications.

2. NEW: Driving agility across core business applications
Automic v12 allows operational IT to upgrade, deploy and manage core business applications at will, with zero downtime upgrades.

  • Automic's new Environment Blueprint Provisioning enables users to encapsulate their application deployment plans and models, without changes, to include the required stack template. Now enterprise IT can provide on-demand working application environments at the click of a button
  • Zero-downtime updates and deployments are made possible through the unique blueprint to continuous delivery. Blue-green, canary and hot swap strategies for deployments are all supported through automating the entire application stack.

3. NEW: intelligent Insights across automation silo's
Today, organizations are leveraging disparate tools to automate different silos across their enterprise environment - from ERP systems, to Datawarehousing, Big Data and the cloud. Automic v12 provides a completely new unified interface, together with unified analytics and SLA management to provide enterprise Operations with intelligent insights across their various automation silos.

  • With Automic's new unified interface, customers can now utilise the same learnings and user interface across their workload automation, release automation and service orchestration - from mainframe to open systems and the cloud.
  • With Automic's new unified reporting and analytics, customers can now drive intelligent insights across all their disparate automation needs.
  • With Automic's new SLA management, customers can now define and manage SLA's to intelligently streamline business workflows. Users can now define deadlines for each task, monitor execution deviations, notify and automate actions on violations from the SLA and analyze and predict future violations.

4. NEW: Automation Centers of Excellence
Automic v12 is designed to empower IT operational teams to drive intelligent automation across their enterprises. The unified interface, reporting and analytics help drive down TCO and re-use skills across different islands of automation. The sharing of automation artifacts is now made possible through the new secure private Vaults within the Automic Marketplace. Now IT Operations have the tools they need to empower their business.

Availability and Pricing:

Automic Workload Automation v12, Automic Release Automation v12 and Automic Service Orchestration v12 are immediately available for general shipment.  All plugins are immediately available on the Automic Marketplace. Pricing is on demand for non-Automic customers.

Published Tuesday, October 04, 2016 5:11 PM by David Marshall
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