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DataEndure 2017 Predictions: Technology Integration - IoT, BigData, Microservices and App Modernization

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Contributed by Shahin Pirooz, CTO, DataEndure

Technology Integration - IoT, BigData, Microservices and App Modernization

The app ecosystem is the focus of the next few years... this comes with a few moving parts that have as of yet not been fully baked, but just as Betty Crocker gave us cookies we can bake in our own ovens, the major public cloud players have done the same with containerization and IoT... this allows us to look at way we prefer to go down the app modernization rabbit trail.

The gaps in these ecosystems is that they answer part of the question and don't address the existing platforms we use today... for example, while containers and microservice are the promise of the future, how do you move your existing apps into a container ecosystem? The biggest challenge is that these apps were created with the notion of persistent storage and containers live in a world of ephemeral everything... the containers themselves are disposable and replaceable in a heartbeat... so, how do we move to containers and microservices? This is the question that will guide emerging technologies over the next 5 years.

The new app economy needs to also make room for its ancestors the legacy app ecosystem, and the path to cohabitation requires a clear line of sight to application fragmentation (in a very positive way) to enable pieces of legacy apps to be microserviced and answers to the storage challenges faced by containers.

The other major trend is IoT... what is IoT? Well, as we add more Internet capable devices and sensors to things and as microservices continue to propagate and prosper, we have a lot of data that we need to capture from all of these things. We have to take that data and dissect and direct it to a point where we can cull meaningful business insights and trends from it in such a way that it forms and shapes these predictions about where things are going in the next decade...

IoT is the information farming, BigData is the information processing and AI and machine learning are the new business analysts of the future... What products are working in the market and which aren't? Where do we spend our R&D dollars given that information? How are customers consuming our products? in the way we intended, or in whole new ways that go beyond our limited and siloed thinking about how they would use it?

All these questions, and many more, can be answered by deploying the right IoT sensors, collectors, processors and machine learning to bring it all together... Over the last decade, virtualization has lead to IaaS and cloud services, which brought containerization and microservices to light and in the past handful of years BigData and IoT have been doing an awkward dance... Our collective goal as professionals in the technology arena is to learn how to wrangle all this data, coral it in BigData, modernize our apps to enable scale and implement machine learning to cull the data for insights.

In summary, we need to embrace, IoT, BigData, microservices and app modernization over the next 18-24 months if we don't want to be swept under the carpet by a smaller more nimble startup that does not have the technology entanglement that we proudly shroud ourselves in. It's time to get untangled and join the new app economy.


About the Author

Shahin Pirooz, CTO

Shahin has more than 2 decades leading technology teams and is the current Chief Technology Officer at DataEndure. He joined DataEndure in 2016 and is responsible for sales-engineering, partner relations and IT. Shahin brings decades of technology, research & development and partner development experience to the DataEndure leadership team.

Prior to joining DataEndure, Shahin was CTO at CenterBeam and RiverMeadow and held leadership roles at EarthLink, AppShop and EDS.

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Published Wednesday, October 12, 2016 7:01 AM by David Marshall
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