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DreamHost 2017 Predictions: A Year of "Normal" Applications and Simplified Offerings

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Contributed by Stefano Maffulli, DreamHost Director of Cloud and Community

2017: A Year of "Normal" Applications and Simplified Offerings

1. I believe 2017 will be the year of "normal" applications, as well as the year that developers fully accelerate their headlong rush into the cloud. When I say "normal" applications, I mean there will be a shift toward the kind of accessible applications that one might tag with the "legacy" label, but shed of the negativity associated with it. We've seen this trend start during 2016, where the use of the LAMP/LEMP stack started to become more common on the cloud. The trend is further supported by the spreading adoption of configuration management solutions, such as Ansible or Puppet. So, while top-of-the-class developers are busy getting familiar with containers and their orchestrators - like Kubernetes or Swarm - the larger chunk of "normal" developers are finally getting used to the automations offered by clouds. So, 2017 is the year that WordPress and Magento professionals will start to get on the cloud, taking full advantage of automation.

2. 2017 will be about simplicity and more simplicity. Most clouds are too complex for the majority of users to grasp. The features are too hard to parse, and the pricing is often too difficult to clearly understand. Because of this, we'll begin to see more cloud providers competing on the basis of how well they can effectively simplify their offerings. Fair to say that at DreamHost we're doing our best to be part of this trend, through simpler capped expenses for virtual machines and with the inclusion of significant storage and bandwidth by default. On our own usability front, DreamHost Cloud is going to see a simpler graphic user interface in line with this trend and what's happening elsewhere.


About the Author

Stefano Maffulli is the Director of Cloud and Community at DreamHost, a global web hosting, domain registrar and cloud services provider whose offerings include the cloud storage service DreamObjects and the cloud computing service DreamCompute. Prior to DreamHost, Stefano served as the Technical Community Manager for OpenStack. He lives in San Francisco.

DreamHost Stefano Maffulli 

Published Tuesday, October 18, 2016 7:01 AM by David Marshall
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