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Spiceworks Unveils Free Cloud-Based Applications at Spiceworld 2016

SpiceWorld 2016 

Spiceworks, the online community and resource center for IT professionals, continues to build on its vision of simplifying the lives of IT professionals.  To that end, the company made use of its opening keynote presentation at its recently concluded SpiceWorld 2016 conference which took place last week in Austin, TX, to bring home that vision -- a vision of connecting the people and resources needed most, leveraging the nimbleness and power of cloud applications to drive faster time-to-value, and by building pervasive intelligence and personalization capabilities into everything it does. 

Speaking to a crowd of more than 2,000 spiceheads, Spiceworks CEO Jay Hallberg relayed the thought, "We've helped millions of IT professionals get their jobs done, and in turn, they're helping us build the network that will connect the industry in new, exciting ways."  And adding, over time, IT professionals should expect Spiceworks technologies to become more personalized, intelligent, and helpful.

Hallberg told audience members that around 5 million IT pros a month visit Spiceworks for a number of reasons, including: product research, troubleshooting help, peer collaboration, and to take advantage of Spiceworks tools and resources. 

After, Tabrez Syed, vice president of products at Spiceworks, took to the stage and continued along that same theme, saying his company's mission is simple - "We want to make the lives of IT professionals easier by giving them the tools, resources, and information that radically simplifies their day and helps them get their jobs done."

To that end, SpiceWorld 2016 became the launching point for several announced cloud-based applications designed to help IT professionals learn more about the state and health of their network and which solves specific IT tasks.  According to the company, the free applications are easy to find, deploy, and use, enabling IT professionals to inventory network assets, investigate connectivity issues, and spot internet outages within a matter of seconds. 

By developing purpose-built applications that deliver immediate value, Spiceworks is simplifying the workday for IT professionals.

IT admins working at SMB organizations are only recently starting to immerse themselves within the networking challenges found in the age of the cloud.  "Our new networking applications will enable IT professionals to spend less time searching for the IT tools they need and more time focusing on strategic projects that help their organizations grow," said Syed.

He went on to say the world of IT is growing increasingly complex, and admins require a combination of tools that provide data and information, then to be able to make sense of the information and data presented, and then connect with other IT pros in order to solve problems.

Building on their set of existing free tools already available, Spiceworks announced a number of additional cloud-based applications to help its community members.  Including:

  • IP Scanner - Answers the question "what's connected to my network?" and does so in a matter of minutes by scanning for any IP-enabled device connected to the network such as laptops, desktops, mobile devices, printers, and more.  The tool details each device's hostname, IP address, MAC address, and OS.  IT professionals can use the IP Scanner to quickly map their IT infrastructure, find missing networked devices, or discover devices that shouldn't be connected to their network.  And there's no complex deployment involved -- just click and run an .exe and you are off to the races!
  • Internet Outage Heatmap - Wonder if you have an unreliable ISP?  This app pinpoints geographically where an internet outage or service interruption exists and assigns colors to show various levels of latency in regions across the globe.  This thing consolidates anonymized crowdsourced data from IT professionals in Spiceworks, and identifies the scope and severity of an ISP outage by revealing if other organizations in a specified area are also experiencing outages.  Admins can look at all ISPs to identify widespread connectivity issues affecting multiple providers in a geographical area or make use of filters to pinpoint a specific ISP.
  • Next Gen Traceroute - As an admin, I'm sure you've tried to use the old "tracert" command.  But you've probably noticed, the results are more and more frequently timing out... making it virtually useless.  The new tool from Spiceworks no longer uses PING, which gets blocked for security reasons, but instead uses TCP SYN packets to complete the Traceroute process so you can identify the path between a device and a specified endpoint.  This more modern tool is graphical, and returns the hostnames, locations and the ISP that owns each hop along the way.
  • SSL Checker - Responsible for maintaining and renewing SSL certificates?  SSL Checker helps validate that you have installed your SSL certificates correctly.  By quickly detecting common issues with SSL certifications, IT professionals can ensure they're supporting secure protocols, following the latest SSL/TLS best practices, and keeping their certificates up to date.  And again, with ease of use in mind, just point the tool to your Web app URL and let the tool do the rest. 
  • Multi-OS Agent - Ever wake up to find out you now must support Mac OS users in your environment?  Scary right?  Well Spiceworks is going to be coming out with a new multi-OS agent that will provide the same management capabilities across Windows, Mac and Linux workstations and servers.  This one is not yet in beta.
While Spiceworks continues to create and provide simple-to-use, purpose-built tools for the tasks at hand, allowing users to get immediate value, the company also remains committed to making much needed analytics available across a suite of tools that can be launched from the cloud.  The company is also looking into new and exciting ways to add even more value by better integrating their cloud-based tools with the Community to provide a seamless experience that not only helps IT admins manage their environments but also connects them to the relevant content and people who can help them tackle whatever challenge comes their way.

You can sign up for the Spiceworks Beta tools here.

Published Monday, November 07, 2016 12:05 PM by David Marshall
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