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Catalogic Software 2017 Predictions: The Year of Veruca Salt, the Self-Service End User

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Contributed by Peter Eicher, Director of Marketing, Catalogic Software

2017: The Year of Veruca Salt, the Self-Service End User

Before we get to this year's predictions, let's review what I predicted last year. Back then, I suggested that Copy Data Management (CDM) would become a must-have technology for all-flash storage. As I wrote then, "The synergy between all-flash storage and CDM will become too obvious to ignore."

So what happened in 2016? Dell EMC announced a copy data management offering, with a major focus on XtremIO and all-flash VMAX. IBM released IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management, heavily focused on all-flash Spectrum Virtualize and Spectrum Accelerate. NetApp boosted its snapshot management to be more CDM-like. And my own company, Catalogic Software, collaborated with all-flash pioneer Pure Storage, to great interest from end users.

2016: nailed it!

Well, so much for the bragging part! Past returns are no guarantee of future success and all that.

What's next? My next call is that in 2017 we'll start to see The Year of the Self-Service End User. What does that mean? It means that data users (reporting, analytics, dev-test, DevOps, and so on) are getting tired of waiting on IT, and IT is pretty fed up with the constant demands of data users (faster, faster!).

Legacy IT processes just can't satisfy the demand. It's not IT's fault; you can't get beer from a cow. Legacy IT is built to be reliable, secure, cost-effective. It's not built to be fast. Fast = trouble. Fair enough. 

But users want fast. My alternate name for 2017 is The Year Veruca Salt Took Over the Data Center. You remember her from Willy Wonka (the original, not the god forsaken remake)? She's that impatient girl that always demanded, "I want it now!" She sang a very demanding song, right before she got tossed into that bad egg contraption.

I want a party with rooms full of laughter

Ten thousand tons of ice cream.

And if I don't get the things I am after,

I'm going to scream!

Don't care how,

I want it now!

Well, dear Veruca is now sporting a license for Chef and Puppet and she's all about infrastructure-as-code and software agility. Just the other day I heard her complaining, "But daddy, I want continuous delivery for my Oompa Loompa apps!"

Yup, it's an on-demand world. But if IT can't deliver, then what? Dare I say it: Copy Data Management to the rescue, again.

If I had to define CDM in two words, I'd say this: copy delivery. That's what it does. It puts copies into the hands of them what needs ‘em, and it does it fast. And it gives you self-service. If Veruca Salt over there on the development team wants ten thousand tons of ice cream - or, possibly, a copy of an Oracle database - well she can just go get it herself, using a Copy Data Management self-service portal.

Bang. Done.

It's really that easy, and in 2017 organizations will start to see that they finally have a way to make Veruca happy.


About the Author

Peter Eicher is Director of Marketing at Catalogic Software. He has worked in multiple facets of enterprise software for over 20 years, including data protection, security and network management, and is a frequent contributor to industry discussions via blogging and trade journal publications.

Peter Eicher 

Published Monday, November 28, 2016 8:06 AM by David Marshall
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