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Spiceworks 2017 Predictions: Six Tech Adoption and Budget Predictions

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Contributed by Peter Tsai, IT Analyst at Spiceworks

IT in 2017: Six Tech Adoption and Budget Predictions

Because of the rapid pace of innovation, trying to accurately predict what technology will look like decades down the road is tough. But thankfully, we can more reliably forecast what's coming in the near future with a little feedback from IT professionals.

In recent Spiceworks surveys, IT pros around the world shared their IT budget and tech plans in 2017, including planned adoption of operating systems, emerging technologies, and more. Based on what they told us, we came up with six IT predictions backed up by data.

1. IT budgets and staffing levels will remain flat in 2017

In Spiceworks' 2017 State of IT report, IT pros said allocations for tech spending will remain flat across the board year-over-year, despite the fact that 60 percent of IT pros expect their company's revenue to increase in 2017. Contributing to this sobering news? Budgets are down in the UK, likely due to political and economic uncertainty caused by the fallout of the "Brexit" referendum. Additionally, nearly two-thirds of organizations worldwide don't expect any change in the number of IT staff they'll employ. That means many IT departments will have to continue to do more with less, as usual.

2. One in four IT pros will accept a new job next year

In the 2017 Tech Career Outlook, Spiceworks found many tech professionals will take advantage of favorable job market conditions expected next year. In fact, 37 percent of IT professionals plan to begin searching for a new employer and 26 percent plan to accept a new job in 2017. What's driving the big shift? While 69 percent of IT professionals plan to switch jobs to advance their IT skills, 64 percent are looking for a more competitive salary, and 40 percent want to work for a company that makes IT initiatives more of a priority.

spiceworks 2017 career changes

3. Windows 10 business adoption will exceed 70 Percent in 2017

In 2015, approximately 11 percent of organizations took advantage of Microsoft's free Windows 10 upgrade offer within the first 10 weeks of the OS becoming available, and that momentum kept going for the next year. According to a Windows 10 adoption survey, by July 2016, nearly 40 percent of organizations had begun to implement Windows 10. Additionally, 73 percent of organizations told us they plan to use Windows 10 in the workplace by July of 2017, which will be two years after the OS launched.

4. Nearly 20 Percent of organizations will use Windows Server 2016 by the end of 2017

Windows Server 2016 markets itself as a "cloud first" server operating system that offers improved virtualization features in addition to enhanced security, more advanced software-defined storage functionality, and better integration with popular cloud services such as Azure. These advancements make the recently-launched server OS a solid option for those looking to upgrade from older OSes. However, according to a Windows Server 2016 adoption survey, companies won't be rushing too much to get to the new OS, as technology end-of-life tends to drive new OS adoption, and the most widely used server OS is currently Windows Server 2008, which doesn't EOL until 2020.

spiceworks windows adoption

5. Workplace adoption of VR won't take off in 2017, but 3D printers will gain momentum

We've heard a lot of buzz around the great potential of future tech like virtual reality and 3D printers over the last few years, but is it all hype or will businesses actually adopt these emerging technologies? According to Spiceworks' Future of IT report, we know few organizations currently use VR technology, and only 13 percent of IT pros told us their organization plans to adopt it over the next five years. In contrast, nearly twice as many organizations plan to use 3D printers, and adoption rates in the education and manufacturing industries trend even higher.

spiceworks tech deployment

6. Security concerns will grow as IoT and AI technology enter the workplace

Among emerging technologies, Internet of Things devices and artificial intelligence are expected to have a big impact in the workplace, even more than VR and 3D printers. In fact, 80 percent of IT professionals said IoT devices will be useful to their business practices in three to five years and nearly 60 percent said the same for AI. In terms of challenges, the majority of IT pros said security is their biggest concern as these technologies enter the workplace, potentially increasing attack surface and raising privacy issues related to data gathering.

Looking forward to 2017 and beyond

Ultimately, the data shows 2017 will represent a continuation of big trends we've observed over the last few years. For example, as usual, many IT departments will have to get by with the limited budgets and staff they have while having to deal with more devices on their networks, end-of-life events, security challenges, and emerging technologies. Although we'll see a gradual evolution of technology instead of a quantum leap in 2017, emerging tech like IoT and AI will slowly but surely make their way into the workplace, bringing new and potentially exciting opportunities that could alter the face of IT going forward.


About the Author 

Peter Tsai is an IT analyst at Spiceworks. Formerly a systems administrator, programmer, and server engineer who has lived IT from the inside and out, Peter now works to serve up IT articles, reports, infographics, and livecasts that inform and entertain millions of IT pros in Spiceworks worldwide.

Peter Tsai
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