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Sumo Logic 2017 Predictions: Machine Learning and Security Rise Even more to the Forefront

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Contributed by George Gerchow, VP of Security and Compliance, Sumo Logic

Machine Learning and Security Rise Even more to the Forefront

2017: The Year Machine Learning Takes Off

Machine Learning is a wide topic that means many different things. In my opinion the market has been relatively immature, but 2017 will turn the corner because people are building solutions from the ground up and leveraging resources that will truly move the needle. The biggest problem in this space has been the same old on premise products and vendors marketing machine learning without the scale and algorithm capabilities. 

Political Instability has Pushed Security Risk to a Historic Level

The recent election is going to heighten security in general because of the amount of backlash with foreign affairs that it has caused. In my opinion there was no good option for President, but now we stepped into the worst option and therefore, feel under attack. The Federal Government, businesses and providers will be under a level of cyber attack that we have never seen before. I have been through many elections in my professional life and have never seen politics affect a company at this level.

Security Attacks will Be Launched from the Inside

We have historically been under attack from foreign nations, but I am afraid of our own people attacking each other and breaching our government through cyber warfare. There is presently a nation-wide political disconnect, and friction has risen between our citizens that will lead to more of "America attacking America." I am afraid of people cannibalizing their own country as the best security and hackers are right here in the US. For instance, if we are not careful, someone will attack Amazon, and use it to attack itself, a great way to do this would be leveraging DDoS from AWS against AWS. The public cloud ecosystem will be in serious danger if Amazon or Azure "eats" itself through a cyber attack.

2017 Will be the Year Security Analytics Take Hold

The Security Information and Event management space is going to continue to evolve due to the rise of security and cloud analytics. More and more people are going to be moving from "rule writing." Why, well because we are only as intelligent as the people writing the rules, but what about all of those other events in the environment that we are not planning for? People have begun to realize this and we are correctly evolving quickly. We now use more machine learning for things that humans cant account for. The SIEM companies that understand this and embrace analytics will thrive and those that don't will lose footing in the market.

Don't Text, Slack or Email me-Call Me!

2017 will be the year that we move back (or forward again) to using phone calls as the preferred communication piece. People are going back to talking on the phone, as they are fed up with that lack of context emails and Slack-non-verbal communication-provides. So much communication is lost, misled or misunderstood from use of non-verbal cues. People will realize using the phone is a major time saver so the telephone, and used again for phone calls, is going to once more be one of our mainstream communication technologies of choice.


About the Author

As VP of Security and Compliance for Sumo Logic, George Gerchow brings 18 years of information technology and systems management expertise to the application of IT processes and disciplines. His expertise impacts the security, compliance, and operational status of complex, heterogeneous, virtual and cloud computing environments.

George Gerchow 

Published Thursday, December 22, 2016 9:03 AM by David Marshall
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