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Infinio 2017 Predictions: Hyperconvergence customers and vendors chase performance

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Contributed by Sheryl Koenigsberg, Senior Director of Marketing, Infinio

Hyperconvergence customers and vendors chase performance

As the leading server-side cache certified to support any storage on VMware, we see a variety of storage implementations across our customer base. We've deployed Infinio in front of hybrid arrays, all-flash arrays, converged systems and hyper-converged infrastructure ("HCI").

We've begun to notice an interesting trend around HCI: Innovation around management and ease-of-use is slowing, while both vendors and customers are aggressively seeking ways to enhance performance. This is not to say that management has become less of a focus, it's just that organizations choose HCI expecting excellent management tools, so they are now focusing on understanding how much they can drive the performance.

This prediction isn't based merely on anecdotal evidence from our customer base; below are several industry trends that support this shift of HCI as a management play to one of a performance play.

1. All-flash VSAN goes mainstream:

VMware's introduction of VSAN in 2014 was an early move to bring HCI "to the masses." It gave users the option of using commodity hardware to build a hyper-converged architecture. This year's release of VSAN 6.2 saw the introduction of deduplication and compression, which enabled all-flash configurations of VSAN. This was certainly a sign that VMware sees high-performance HCI as the future; the results from Storage Review's testing are further evidence that VSAN is engineered to take advantage of these configurations. We see VMware leading their customers to all-flash configurations, upping the ante on performance for HCI.

2. Storage-class memory ("SCM")

With the availability of next-generation persistent memory technology expected in 2017, vendors are eager to incorporate this exciting new technology into their platforms. Given that it's expected to be 10X times as fast as flash, SCM should always be deployed server-side, to avoid flooding the network infrastructures. HCI is a logical home for SCM. as it provides an integrated and fully-featured platform without creating isolated islands of storage.

3. Nutanix's acquisition of PernixData:

If the industry's hottest storage IPO (and an HCI vendor) acquiring a performance-enhancing platform isn't a sign that performance is about to become very important to HCI, then we don't know what is.

We're looking forward to 2017. We think customers will have even more choice in attaining high performance storage I/O, particularly in HCI environments. And naturally, we hope organizations will consider what Infinio can do toward this goal.


About the Author 

Sheryl Koenigsberg is the Senior Director of Marketing for Infinio. With over 15 years of technical sales and marketing experience, she specializes in storage and data protection. Prior to Infinio, Sheryl held a variety of technical sales and marketing leadership roles at Dell. She holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Brown University and a Masters in Engineering Management from Tufts University.

Published Tuesday, December 27, 2016 7:04 AM by David Marshall
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