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FSLogix Apps 2.7 is Available - What's New? Why Upgrade?

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Application performance plays a critical role in user satisfaction. We've all felt the pain of lagging mouse movements, rotating hourglasses, and seemingly endless spinning circles. Suffice it to say that these sorts of unpleasant user experiences and inadequate application performance can really hinder one's digital workspace environment. So, if you're looking to add a little cheer back into your digital workspace this holiday season, then Request an evaluation copy of FSLogix Apps 2.7!

Microsoft looked for a promising campaign with Office 365 by creating enhanced functionality to meet the requirements of today's digital workspace. While this established some exciting new features, as expected, new challenges have arisen, and a number of outstanding issues continue to linger. Industry Expert Gabe Knuth went so far as to say that "Outlook in cached exchange mode seemed like a pipe dream until FSLogix came along."

Prior to the introduction of FSLogix Profile Containers, best practices dictated disabling cached exchange mode for environments such as XenApp. Yet not everyone can just simply rip and replace their profile management solution, nor should they be expected to do so. And this is precisely why FSLogix Office 365 Containers were introduced.

Today's modern digital workspace bears little resemblance to the days of single user physical PCs. But who would have thought that it'd take 15 years to enable highly sought after functionality in a virtual session? As previously stated, Office 365 introduced a nice set of features, but with those features came a new set of challenges. How are we going to get OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, and Windows Search to work in our virtual environments?

Meanwhile, in a concerted effort to improve their existing business model and overall strategy, Microsoft has chosen to run with their SaaS offering of Office 365. However, the aforementioned outstanding challenges have, thus far, resided outside the scope of any solution on the market, leaving numerous IT departments across the globe scrambling to find suitable workarounds. Unfortunately, many organizations took to adoption before firmly establishing a clear plan of action for an effective deployment.

Well thanks to the latest releases of FSLogix Apps (2.5+), FSLogix Office 365 Containers have resolved the majority of these issues for non-persistent VDI and XenApp/RDSH while simultaneously improving performance. So not only is it working, but it's working well, really really well.

But don't just take my word for it. Request an Evaluation Copy to see for yourself.

Notable Highlights:

  • Enhanced Microsoft OneDrive support
  • Full Support for Windows 10 and Server 2016 Secure Mode 
    • Drivers signed by Microsoft and FSLogix
  • Automated support for low integrity processes
  • Enhanced support for Internet Explorer, Office, Adobe, etc. protected mode applications
  • Performance Optimizations 

Additional FSLogix Apps 2.7 release notes can be found HERE

Published Thursday, December 29, 2016 8:02 AM by David Marshall
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