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Avere 2017 Predictions: ​Object is Coming

VMblog Predictions 2017

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Contributed by Jeff Tabor, Senior Director, Product Management and Marketing at Avere Systems

2017: Object is Coming

2016 was a big year for the cloud. For the first ​time, we saw the cloud provider landscape become truly competitive as new ​players like Google, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle stepped up to challenge AWS' ​dominance and establish their own aggressive positions in the cloud wars.

With the ongoing development in cloud ​competition and vendor offerings over the past year, we are seeing more ​organizations embracing the public cloud than ever before--but what does this​ mean for the cloud in 2017?

A Hybrid World: NAS + ​Object

As cloud adoption heats up heading into the new year, we are hitting an inflection point where organizations are beginning to ​embrace object as their storage medium for native applications. Cloud providers ​have yet to offer a mechanism that effectively helps organizations use their existing file-based systems with ease, and thus in 2017 we will start to see more applications that are built native to object storage.

Despite this increase in native object apps, ​organizations will still experience performance degradation and latency issues just as they did with file-based applications due to on-premise access ​requirements, whether its accessing data or compute in the cloud. Even though many newer applications will be written in native object, there will still be a ​preponderance of existing data center-based NAS environments that require access to the cloud, making cloud bursting technologies like Avere critical to ​leverage the compute power of the cloud.

Avere's cloud bursting technology utilizes the Virtual FXT Edge filer (vFXT), putting high-performance, scalable NAS where ​organizations need it to enable massive compute on-demand for enterprise apps with easy installation. Avere makes NAS data accessible to cloud compute without experiencing latency or requiring that data be moved to the cloud. It also eliminates inherent NAS verses object API incompatibilities so enterprise apps do not have to be rewritten to run in the compute cloud and data is easy to move and manage.

The Rise of Multicloud

As we ​continue to see the growth of cloud adoption in 2017, we will also see more and more organizations using a multicloud approach. The increasingly competitive cloud landscape has led each cloud provider to more clearly define their strengths. As a result, in the coming year, IT organizations that are embracing ​the cloud, and particularly those with highly complex workloads, are going to be evaluating and weighing the different cloud providers' strengths and ​leveraging multiple vendors to meet their varying needs. 


About the Author

Jeff Tabor has worked at Avere Systems for seven years. As Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing, Jeff leads all product definition and software roadmap efforts. Prior to Avere, Jeff managed clustered NAS solutions at NetApp and Spinnaker Networks. He holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  

Jeff Tabor 

Published Friday, January 06, 2017 9:01 AM by David Marshall
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