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Zetta Awarded New Patent for Technology that Speeds Direct-to-Cloud Backup

Zetta, a leading provider of high-performance business continuity solutions, today announced that it has been awarded a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office that covers the mechanics of how it makes direct-to-cloud data protection fast and efficient. It also includes protection for technology processes that enable direct-to-cloud backup, without any intermediary appliance or staging area, in addition to concurrent local copies.

The latest in a series of Zetta patents, the new Patent 9,483,359, protects systems and methods which enable Zetta data protection technology for backup and disaster recovery to be applicable to even more customers and use cases, by increasing network transport efficiency. The technology is based on enterprise replication methodologies, which provide state consistent snapshot replication. Like incremental backups, it only transfers changed data segments, but unlike traditional incremental backups it isn't susceptible to a single bad backup invalidating all subsequent backups.

"Zetta has provided, since its inception, Internet scale, direct-to-cloud replication for backup and disaster recovery. This patent is a reflection of our consistent focus on what makes us different, specifically WAN-efficient transport," said Jeff Whitehead, Chief Technology Officer, Zetta. "This technology allows us to protect larger data sets, or a higher underlying rate of change, than other approaches. We have even seen cases where we are able to replicate datasets -- over the public internet -- faster than legacy backup systems were able to backup from disk-to-disk within a local network."

The new patent furthers Zetta's prowess in technology innovation and adds to a range of additional patents earned by the company for faster direct-to-cloud backup, disaster recovery and DR as a Services (DRaaS) capabilities. The company additionally been awarded nine other patents including patents for the following technologies:

  • State consistent replication (Patent 8,977,594)
  • Backup using locally distributed change detection (Patent 8,977,596)
  • Minimizing network bandwidth for replication/backup (Patent 9,015,122)
  • Online backup and disaster recovery with local copy (Patent 8,977,598)

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Published Wednesday, January 11, 2017 10:31 AM by David Marshall
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