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Metalogix 2017 Predictions: Content and Collaboration in 2017

VMblog Predictions 2017

Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2017.  Read them in this 9th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Adam Levithan, Jai Dargan and Paul LaPorte, Metalogix

A Collection of Metalogix Predictions for Content and Collaboration in 2017

In the content and collaboration world, we might have easily themed 2016 as the year of Microsoft SharePoint 2016.  Now, here we are in 2017 - a year that is already showing us that the evolution of content and collaboration continues as the industry faces new challenges, devises new solutions, creates new best practices and companies merge together.  Here are three of Metalogix's top predictions for 2017:  

A Year of Refinement in Microsoft Office 365

By Adam Levithan, Director Product Management

We've seen a dramatic increase in the launch of new solutions from within Microsoft Office 365. All of them stuck. Ranging from Groups, Planner, to PowerApps and Flow, these solutions have established themselves in the marketplace and are seeing growth in adoption. While there still may be acquisitions and new solutions coming soon, I'm predicting that 2017 will be the year of refinement for Office 365. The product teams are now practiced in reviewing UserVoice - which allows users to post feature requests and vote on submissions from others  - and  posting new features on the Office 365 Roadmap to increase transparency of what's coming. So maybe I'm cheating a little, because I can look at the roadmap, but a benefit of the cloud is new features, and this year you'll see the little things start getting sharper and even more usable.

A Major Breach Will Occur - On Par or Exceeding Sony, Yahoo, and OPM

By Jai Dargan, Senior Director of Product Management 

Data breaches are inevitable, which makes my prediction a certainty.  We've seen some significant data breaches over the past three years: Sony, Target, JP Morgan, United Health, and the Office of Personnel Management. I predict another "black swan" type breach to affect a major Fortune 100 organization, but this time, originating at a cloud-based content repository, resulting in exposure of sensitive personnel information, intellectual property, and/or emails.

The Year Open Source Collaboration Gets Glued Together

By Paul LaPorte, Director of Products

We've heard a great deal about shadow IT - a collection of (typically) open source solutions users bring into the workplace to improve collaboration and productivity. These solutions are often point solutions that solve a particular pain point not well addressed by collaboration platforms. However, they are frequently islands of productivity, limited in interoperability with other tools. These tools range from EFSS solutions like Dropbox, web-based email programs like Gmail, task management tools like Asana, social media tools, discussion tools like Discus, and dozens of other categories. Just as Oracle unleashed the power of the data driven enterprise in the 1980's, knitting together separate islands of data, 2017 will see the rise of new connective solutions that effectively knit together open source cloud services and tools, allowing them to interoperate and share content. Content of all types, now freed from its islands, will float more effectively wherever and whenever needed by users.


Published Monday, January 23, 2017 8:34 AM by David Marshall
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