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iland's Secure Cloud Services Release Clears the Path to Cloud Compliance and Data Privacy Regulations
iland, an award-winning cloud services provider, today announced a new release of their Secure Cloud Services which includes support for Model Contract Clauses and the U.S. and U.K. Privacy Shield Frameworks to address the challenges of rapidly evolving cloud compliance and data privacy regulations. 

Building on iland's existing compliance professional service offerings, this release also includes on-demand security and compliance reports, as well as enhanced billing visibility and resource management functions. This advanced cloud management functionality, available through the iland Secure Cloud Console is designed to foster strategic, self-sufficient control of a cloud environment, optimising overall cloud usage and costs to drive business initiatives and growth.

iland Secure Cloud Services come natively with an arsenal of proactive security features, including vulnerability scanning, anti-virus/anti-malware, web reputation monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention, integrity monitoring, log inspection, and much more to deter cyber-criminal threats such as ransomware.

IT organisations struggle to keep pace with the constant changes in compliance regulations. This includes pressure to adopt new cloud technologies and ensure compliance with changing and stringent data privacy regulations. To satisfy industry compliance requirements, companies must provide proof and validation of their business compliance posture with reporting on items such as security and penetration testing, ISO, U.K. Data Registration, SOC2, and HIPAA for US healthcare organisations.

"As cloud adoption continues to advance, organisations are faced with more and more complex cloud and compliance regulations and time-consuming audits on an international scale," said Scott Sparvero, CEO and co-founder of iland. "With this latest release, we're continuing our commitment to help customers address cloud compliance with the Privacy Shield and Model Contract Clauses in addition to expanding visibility into our native advanced security features, cloud usage, costs and performance metrics to drive further efficiencies, cost savings and IT agility for our customers."

Regulations covering the movement of personal information between the U.S. and the U.K. require a provider that's compliant with Privacy Shield in the cloud agreement. Brexit further complicates this matter as data privacy rules for the E.U. and the U.K. could change in the future, making it more important that U.K. organisations remain up to date with any data privacy and cloud security requirements. Larger companies often require a Model Contract Clause as part of their cloud agreement to ensure the liability of a breach is shared between the cloud provider and the customer. 

"IT organisations need an experienced cloud provider to work through today's regulatory and data security challenges," said Travis Ruiz, Director of Cloud Services and Support at MasterControl, a leading global provider of enterprise quality management systems (EQMS). "iland gives us the security features, reporting capabilities and visibility into cloud resources we need to ensure cloud compliance as well as take full advantage of the many benefits that cloud computing offers." 

iland Secure Cloud Services February 2017 Release Key Features

  • Privacy Shield: Privacy Shield provides a way for companies to ensure they are compliant with data regulation practices post-Safe Harbour; essential for companies moving data between the U.S. and the U.K. iland is one of the few providers that has been audited and are compliant with Privacy Shield. 
  • Model Contract Clauses: Model Contract Clauses are inserted into the contract between the cloud provider and customer, detailing behaviours during a breach, and ongoing reporting and audit requirements. Larger companies can avoid the regulatory melee and build a legal framework for their behaviours that can be, as needed, litigated in court rather than through regulatory bodies. 
  • Security and Compliance Reports: Access to downloadable iland security reports through the iland console along with on-demand security report generation. A new compliance reports menu contains links for users to download 2016 Pen Test, ISO, UK Data Reg, SOC2 and HIPAA compliance reports.
  • Billing Visibility Enhancements: A new tab in the iland Secure Cloud Console provides costing information at the Org, VDC and vApp/VM levels. A bandwidth chart shows how bandwidth is being used on a month to month basis; and new burst and storage costs views provide further visibility for users to easily see where and how usage is impacting their billing.
  • Resource Management: Customers can gain visibility into how CPU Ready time may be impacting VM performance with features including a CPU Ready % graph, visibility into disk latency, alerts on Up/Down power status for Virtual Machines and Applications, and the ability to specify a number of cores and processors to deal with performance issues, licensing restrictions, or older VMs.
  • User Experience Updates: A tree view allows users to toggle between the hierarchical drill down method as well as a new flat view list of VMs and vApps. These new views to allow users to quickly find all of their VMs or vApps, see their current power state, basic stats, and perform quick administrative actions. 
For additional information about iland's Secure Cloud Services, visit
Published Tuesday, February 28, 2017 8:52 AM by David Marshall
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