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NComputing Expands Desktop Virtualization Portfolio with Acquisition of VERDE VDI

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Yesterday, NComputing announced the expansion of the company's desktop virtualization product offerings with an acquisition of VERDE Workspaces, formerly known as Virtual Bridges.  The acquisition adds a new element for NComputing -- they can now offer a full stack, end-to-end solution including thin clients, software clients, and desktop management and provisioning infrastructure to provide a turnkey solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

The company's portfolio will now include a highly competitive Raspberry Pi-based thin client device; a robust multimedia display protocol (UXP w vCast); a session-based virtualization product (vSpacePro) and now the VERDE VDI solution. 

NComputing's desktop virtualization solution will be coupled with VERDE VDI, a flexible, low-cost VDI solution known for its high densities and storage optimizations, which leverages the open source Linux KVM hypervisor.  For the longest time, VDI solutions on the market have focused on providing customers with Windows based desktops; but they often ignored Linux desktops altogether or treated them as second class citizens with less support or fewer capabilities.  VERDE, out of the gate, treats Windows and Linux guest operating systems as equals by design.  Its provisioning model was built to accommodate the seamless co-existence of Windows and Linux desktop sessions, with a market focus in education, defense, and both centralized and de-centralized enterprises.

But what I really find interesting about VERDE VDI is its Cloud Branch technology and its multi-tenancy capabilities.  When combined, the two are ideal for Managed Desktop Service Providers (MDSP) who are looking for a way to reduce the cost of supporting multiple geographically dispersed customers while providing access to the latest applications, operating systems and security.  Together, they provide a clean and valuable architecture for MDSPs to create a cost-effective desktop service that spans across many geographically dispersed accounts because of the centrally managed / remotely-executed model.

The combination of technologies is relevant not only to MDSPs but also highly-decentralized organizations, franchise-centric organizations, and multi-national enterprises who are also looking to centrally propagate standard profiles globally, but still allow local administration of users, etc.

With VERDE's Cloud Branch technology, NComputing will be able to:

  • Dramatically improve performance in branches, remote offices and regional data centers, by pushing the process down to the edge.  What's important here is that the technology eliminates WAN latency without having to add expensive gear at the local office level.
  • Deliver business continuity in the event of an external network outage.
  • Reduce bandwidth usage and network beefiness requirements at the edge level.  The desktop sessions process locally and the updates to the local Cloud Branch do not have to be in real-time to handle disconnects and interruptions gracefully, thereby reducing the need for high-end networking equipment in the branch or regional level.

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The acquisition also means value-added partners (VARs) can now offer an end-to-end solution.  For schools and SMBs, based on vSpace desktop virtualization - a single OS and one set of apps to be shared with multiple users - and they can now also expand addressable opportunities by offering the VERDE VDI solution - a scalable, multi-tenant, dynamically-provisioned VDI solution meeting the needs of higher education, government, defense and large enterprise segments.

Jim Curtin, VP and GM of Global Software at NComputing, previously CEO and co-founder of VERDE Workspaces, explains "NComputing and VERDE are a powerful combination. We see tremendous value for customers and partners, along with significant potential for explosive growth with our VDI solution. By combining with NComputing's end-to-end desktop virtualization capabilities we can now offer a full-spectrum solution delivering tremendous savings and flexibility with respect to end user computing."

Young Song, CEO and co-founder of NComputing explains, "Unlike other desktop virtualization solutions offering one mold fits all, NComputing delivers purpose-built solutions that are simple to use, easy to deploy, affordable to acquire with low maintenance effort, and deliver a powerful PC like experience without the expensive budget. The market for VDI, sometimes referred to as Virtual Client Computing (VCC), is expected to grow from $3 billion in 2015 to $4.6 billion in 2020 with an 8.9% annual growth according to IDC. VDI has changed dramatically since becoming a mainstream initiative in the early part of the decade. As we enter a second phase of VDI expansion, companies are looking for more value, choice and ease-of-use in their end user computing infrastructure."

Following the rebranding of VERDE Workspaces to VERDE VDI, NComputing says it plans to enhance the existing solution with support of its popular thin client families as well as its UXP protocol delivering true HD multimedia content without expensive GPUs.  The company is aware that there are other applications being used in the marketplace that require GPU-assist, and they stated they are adding support for that into future releases.

The acquisition follows a $4.8 million VC funding round led by MDI (Metra Digital Innovation) Ventures, the Jakarta-based VC arm of Telkom Indonesia together with Seoul-based VC firm Bokwang Investment Corporation.  NComputing plans to use the funding to further accelerate its market presence in key regional markets and verticals.

To learn more about the VERDE VDI solution, visit

Published Friday, March 10, 2017 8:04 AM by David Marshall
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