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New Release of Virtuozzo Storage Expands Container Support


Virtuozzo, a hyperconverged infrastructure software provider, today announced the latest release of Virtuozzo Storage, a software-defined storage solution designed to help companies drive broader adoption of hyperconverged infrastructure deployments and provide persistent volume storage for today's most popular container platforms. Virtuozzo Storage enables users to build fault-tolerant, multi-machine storage clusters using off-the-shelf hardware that eliminates vendor lock-in. The highly flexible, massively scalable storage solution boasts incredibly high performance potential, with speeds up to ten times faster than Ceph storage. The solution also features new erasure coding technology, which lowers storage overhead and costs by using less physical server space.

A single solution with a centralized management UI for all workloads and data types, Virtuozzo Storage supports file, block, object and container storage. It is adaptable to a variety of use cases, including hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, virtualization, Storage Area Network (SAN) replacement, object storage for Cloud services like Amazon S3 and persistent storage for Docker.

"Virtuozzo Storage is ideal for customers that want to take advantage of hyperconverged infrastructure deployments," said George Karidis, chief executive officer at Virtuozzo. "Whether its integrated with the Virtuozzo Platform or with today's most popular container platforms, Virtuozzo Storage provides service providers and enterprises with a single, easy-to-use option for software-defined storage that improves performance and reduces costs."

Virtuozzo Storage features advanced capabilities that are not commonly found on other storage platforms, including the ability to set various redundancy for different data on top of single disk pool, online data redundancy, support for multiple tiers of disk pools within the cluster, advanced automation with the ability to automatically move data replicas to optimize disk performance and remove performance hot spots and one-click cluster updates without service interrupt.

Key features include:

  • Block, file, S3 object and persistent volume storage for containers in one single solution
  • Easy to use web-based management interface to easily manage all types of storage
  • Support for Virtuozzo Hypervisor, and leading commercially available hypervisors
  • Erasure coding and replication to reduce the amount of space needed for storage
  • SSD caching and journaling, data tiering and auto re-balancing
  • Scalability - up to multiple petabytes in a single cluster
  • Hot-pluggable - increase/decrease capacity or replace a drive or a node without downtime
  • Storage tiers that organize storage space and keep different categories of data on different disks

Virtuozzo Storage, available now on a pay-per-use model, is extremely cost-effective due to its support for commodity hardware while its highly optimized core allows for low memory and CPU usage. More information on Virtuozzo Storage is available here.

Published Wednesday, March 22, 2017 1:11 PM by David Marshall
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