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Virtualization and Productivity: 6 Tips to be More Productive at Work


We are living in the fourth industrial revolution. With more reliance than ever on network-aware devices and a host of new technologies at our fingertips, changes to the workplace are coming hard and fast. Despite more efficiency, we still ask ourselves: "How can I get more done?"

One answer to this question is by leveraging the cloud. Technologies that free up time, accomplish more with less or just make the workplace more pleasant can all contribute to increased productivity. If you're managing a team and want to be at the forefront of office trends, take a look at these suggestions to improve productivity.

1. Have Your Team Use a Password Manager

How much time do you spend digging up passwords for this account or that? Want to send a promotional email? That requires a password. Need to get access to some metrics? You'll need a password.

Eliminate this tedium by using a single-sign-on password manager like Crypt-o or Lastpass and sharing an account. More robust tools even let you configure shared passwords for teams and individual accounts that workers can define within the application. If you're looking for more options, check out a handy roundup, like this one from the well-versed gang at Wirecutter.

2. Use a Cloud-Based Notification App

If Google is your bread-and-butter, check out Boomerang. It's a cloud-based service that can help you set up email reminders, arrange follow-up conversations, manage responses and handle just about any email task quickly without the risk of something falling through the cracks. You can learn more about this one on Google Play, Google's easy to use marketplace.

3. Create an Ambient Environment

Here's a forward-looking idea. Studies have identified various negative health effects associated with working in a loud setting, so app builders have set out to design ways to make your environment more conducive to productivity. Apps like Coffitivity channel the atmosphere of a peaceful coffee shop through your workforce's headphones. You can even vary the time of day, for example, and opt for the sounds of "lunchtime rush."

Tekrevue took Coffitivity for a test spin, and while they liked it, they also cite RainyScope as an alternative for those who prefer natural ambience.

4. Have the Cloud Handle Research

In our service-based economy, more of the jobs we do involve handling content, and that means digging up information on new topics every day. Reduce the amount of time and effort your team puts into this time-intensive process with an app like Dunno.

Dunno goes looking for relevant research materials and then reports back to you after it's found good matches. All you have to do is review them and get to work.

5. Sync Your Documents Over the Cloud

Anyone who's worked with Google's host of cloud-based content tools has seen how effective the cloud is for syncing documents. You don't have to work at Google to benefit from this clever idea.

Many apps like SyncDocs allow you to create a shared repository to which all your changes are saved in real-time. This means you can have one team member update a document, and your entire team has access to the latest version as soon as it's saved. They can also be notified if you're working on a document and asked to keep out for now.

6. Get Project Management

The cloud has changed the way we oversee projects. Whether you use Microsoft Project or a more recent, lightweight app like Asana, you'll be impressed at how simple it is to remain up-to-speed on team and organization deliverables with the help of these apps.

If you haven't already put cloud-based apps into your organization's toolset, you should. The benefits to productivity are simply too good to pass up. Get on it. The sooner you do, the sooner you can tell the boss and take credit for your great idea!


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