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Puppet Announces Lumogon and Puppet Cloud Discovery, Expands Offerings With New Container and Cloud-Native Technology

Puppet, the standard for automating the delivery and operations of the software that powers everything around us, today announced Lumogon and Puppet Cloud Discovery. The new offerings define modern infrastructure discovery and empower enterprise IT professionals with the situational awareness and visibility needed to securely and scalably run cloud infrastructure and container-based applications in production, across all public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Building on its market leadership in data center automation and beyond, these new innovations mark a major milestone for Puppet as the company expands its enterprise offerings beyond Puppet Enterprise, empowering companies to overcome challenges associated with modernizing infrastructure and application stacks.

Discovery provided by Lumogon and Puppet Cloud Discovery breaks open the black box of container and cloud workloads, giving enterprise IT teams insights and visibility into the services running across containerized applications and cloud infrastructure. These advancements show them exactly what they have running, and where, so they can ensure consistency and compliance as they modernize their environments.

"Today's announcement is a pivotal moment for Puppet as we expand beyond the core Puppet Enterprise platform to offer our customers new ways to discover and manage modern mission critical infrastructure," said Deepak Giridharagopal, CTO, Puppet. "Our new Lumogon and Puppet Cloud Discovery tools provide in-depth insights about the resources across your container and cloud infrastructure. With that situational awareness, it's easier to know what critical services aren't being monitored and managed, but should be, especially for those who strive to deliver software in a more agile, predictable and consistent way."

Complete container transparency with Lumogon
Anyone involved in running containers, like site reliability engineers (SREs), release engineers, DevOps engineers, and the application developers themselves, now have a tool to gain operational insights into what makes up their containers with Lumogon. Lumogon provides a transparent window into each Docker image and running container, and offers a way to collect, query and report on container application metadata.

"Containers are the atomic units of software. But sometimes you need to inspect the particles that make up the atoms and know in what atoms exactly each particle lives," said David Aronchick, Kubernetes product manager, Google. "We're happy to see open solutions like the Lumogon project help users know what software is in their containers without having to change the way they build and run containers today."

Unlike modern orchestration tools that tend to only spin-up containers, Lumogon provides unparalleled insight into each running container and provides a historical record of all changes made through the container lifecycle. It also helps establish a new container reporting standard that allows efficient management of container infrastructure. Key capabilities of Lumogon include:

  • Insight into every container: Users can generate reports on the contents of a running container or an image without having to install special software in the container image or run a shell in a container namespace. The report contains information about the OS and all software installed in the container.
  • Centralized query tools for container fleet: Users can query the metadata information across all containers and images in an environment, making it possible for the first time to see your infrastructure in aggregate and over time.
  • Situational awareness at scale: Teams can scale queries and reports as the number of containers increase over time without having to add new tools. Information can be shared with other management or monitoring tools in your container management ecosystem to build a complete view across your entire container infrastructure.

Instant cloud inventory and insights with Puppet Cloud Discovery
According to Gartner, less than 20 percent of IT organizations have automation in their IT management portfolios. In order to adopt automation, IT needs to know what is already running, make sense of it, and take action based on that data. Incumbent tools might allow IT to gather massive amounts of data, but fall short of providing meaningful insights or the ability to manage systems with modern DevOps practices.

Puppet Cloud Discovery collects and visualizes a rich set of system data to give users better awareness of the state of their infrastructure. Unlike other tools on the market that were built for traditional on-premise infrastructure, Puppet Cloud Discovery is cloud-first and is designed to model ephemeral cloud infrastructure. Puppet Cloud Discovery is delivered as a service, making it easy for users to see immediate time-to-value.

Lumogon is available today, and a limited tech preview of Puppet Cloud Discovery will be available later this month (May 2017).

Published Friday, May 12, 2017 6:59 AM by David Marshall
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