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Liquidware Announces ProfileUnity with FlexApp v6.7

Liquidware today announced at Citrix Synergy ProfileUnity with FlexApp v6.7, User Environment Management (UEM) and application layering software for Windows desktops and virtual workspaces. Significant industry-leading features have been added to both ProfileUnity's core UEM features as well as FlexApp layering.

New FlexApp Features

New FlexApp features include exclusive Click-to-Layer capabilities, and Citrix XenApp/Microsoft RDSH session isolation for FlexApps.

FlexApp's new Click-to-Layer option is an industry first. The technology allows instant delivery of FlexApp layered applications on-demand upon the application open action by a user. The user simply clicks on the application's native icon on the Desktop or in the Start Menu and the application is instantly delivered via FlexApp and is ready for use. The option improves desktop readiness times compared to other layer delivery options because applications are not mounted unless they are in use. Now even dozens of layered applications can now be readily available in a user's Windows environment without needing to actually layer every available application that may not be used during a user's session.

Citrix XenApp and Microsoft RDSH environments now have enhanced FlexApp delivery support in the new version as well through Session Layers. Now when FlexApp applications are delivered to a user's published desktop, other user desktop environments are not automatically exposed to those applications. Every user's desktop can remain unique, even for users on the same Windows Server environment. This approach allows individual applications to be layered to XenApp/RDSH servers rather than be published, allowing for more dynamic application delivery with lower maintenance.

New ProfileUnity Features

ProfileUnity's ProfileDisk feature has also been extended to Citrix XenApp and Microsoft RDSH environments. ProfileUnity is the only UEM solution to offer a ProfileDisk technology with the granular management of profile Portability features, giving customers the best of both worlds. ProfileDisk acts as a profile container that handles large profiles with ease, such as those with Microsoft Office 365/Outlook caches. VHD profile containers also remain an option to handle Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon, and other cloud based storage caching which may be otherwise too storage intensive for virtual desktops.

ProfileUnity's core management console which also manages and entitles FlexApp layering has also been updated to include full featured role-based access and auditing. Options include full Administrator, Department, and even feature specific role access and limitations. Large enterprises with multiple departments or specific job responsibilities, such as application administrators and desktop support staff, now have options to entitle console users with specific access and rights. This new feature enables enterprise ProfileUnity deployments to remain secure while enabling staff with the rights they need to perform their job.

The ProfileUnity Management Console also now performs active auditing by user. This feature enables lead ProfileUnity administrators to have a fully automated change control process and documentation. The new active auditing feature is especially helpful for organizations that must meet compliance and security guidelines.

"With this release, ProfileUnity with FlexApp continues to lead the market as the only solution to feature fully integrated User Environment Management with Application Layering that continues to innovate and set industry first standards," said Jason E. Smith, VP of Product Marketing for Liquidware.

"It's great to see Liquidware continuing to push the envelope with new features, many of which are exclusive to the industry," said Bob Allred, EUC Practice Manager, Right Systems, a key Liquidware partner. "With all of the attention that application layering is getting these days as well as profile containers, Liquidware has a very well-rounded solution in ProfileUnity with FlexApp that many of our customers rely on."

ProfileUnity v6.7 is being demonstrated by Liquidware at Citrix Synergy this week in booth #412. The new version is expected to ship next month.

Published Thursday, May 25, 2017 7:07 AM by David Marshall
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