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Vectra Collaborates With VMware to Deliver Visibility Into Hidden Cyber Attacker Behaviors Throughout Virtualized Environments

Vectra Networks, the leader in automating the hunt for in-progress cyber attacks, today announced it will be leveraging the capabilities of VMware NSX to accelerate the detection and mitigation of hidden cyber attackers in virtualized data centers, allowing for the mitigation of advanced threats close to the source in order to minimize potential damage.

Cyber attackers often pivot quickly from the point of entry to the data center. Attackers spend most of their time in the data center, where the lack of internal security controls and network visibility makes it easier for them to spy, spread and steal. Below the radar, attackers will then fan out across the infrastructure without being discovered.

Vectra reduces these risks by applying artificial intelligence that automatically detects cyber-attack behaviors, including command and control, lateral movement, internal reconnaissance and data exfiltration. This allows security teams to respond quickly to stop the progression of unknown and known threats.

"Targeted attackers can enter through the campus network and perform reconnaissance on located key data center assets, then begin moving laterally and escalating privileges," said Kevin Kennedy, vice president of product management at Vectra. "Previously, the recon and lateral movement that represent the majority of attacker dwell time has gone undetected due to a lack of visibility into the traffic between workloads."

By leveraging Vectra virtual sensors (vSensors) and VMware NSX, businesses have access to increased network visibility and have less security control limitations when using Vectra to continuously monitor all traffic in the data center. This closes the time gap between detection and response through automated, adaptive security policy enforcement provided by VMware NSX.

"VMware NSX made micro-segmentation both financially and operationally feasible, and has completely transformed security within the data center," said Milin Desai, vice president, product management, networking and security business unit at VMware. "By leveraging NSX as a pervasive network virtualization platform, Vectra is able to offer customers unique capabilities that further improve security response times and reduce business risk."

With Vectra leveraging the VMware NSX network virtualization and security platform to provide increased visibility into virtualized data centers, enterprises that run applications, data and shared computing resources via VMware NSX can reduce the risk of compromise, damage and theft of critical network assets.

Vectra and VMware NSX engineers are continuing to working together to build out automated workflow capabilities that create dynamic policies for faster incident response.

Published Thursday, June 01, 2017 7:53 AM by David Marshall
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