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Ericom Unveils New Browser Isolation Solution

Ericom Software, a global leader for securely connecting the unified workspace, announced the early deployment program of Ericom Shield, the second generation of its Secure Browsing solution. Ericom will be delivering the enterprise-grade web security product later this year.

Designed to address the massive volume of ransomware and other malware plaguing today's enterprises and users via browsers, Ericom Shield isolates all web browsing from vulnerable endpoints, and is now the safest way for users to freely browse the Internet. Ericom Shield browser isolation is an always-on safety layer between the Web and the corporate network. The solution enables rapid deployment at any scale with zero endpoint software or configuration required.

Ericom's Secure Browsing technology aims to dramatically reduce the web threat exposure to enterprises and end users, and is built on Ericom's expertise in desktop virtualization and HTML5 browsing technologies. Unlike most conventional web security measures such as antivirus software, URL filtering, and secure web gateways, Ericom Shield does not rely on categorizing content as benign or malicious. Instead, Ericom Shield operates in line with the organization's existing security policy, with all non-categorized websites treated as potential threats. By default, all sites are accessed via Ericom Shield for Secure Browsing. Traffic to and from these sites is routed via the Ericom Shield remote "safe zone", where all web content executes in isolation within secure containers, eliminating the risk of malicious code infecting any endpoint device. Ericom Shield then streams a visual representation of this content in real time to end users, providing a malware-free, seamless, native browsing experience.

"We're very excited to unveil Ericom Shield for Secure Browsing," said Joshua Behar, Ericom President and CEO. "From healthcare and financial institutions to governments, service and infrastructure providers, and virtually all other types of organizations-everyone needs unrestricted, secure browsing capabilities for their ongoing operations. Ericom Shield is a real game changer, as it helps organizations dramatically reduce the risk of infection by ransomware, zero-day attacks, drive-by downloads, infected emails and files, and other malicious web content. It isolates, contains, and discharges potentially risky web content outside of the organizational network-away from vulnerable user endpoints," concluded Behar.

Ericom Shield has garnered attention as a web security solution designed for scalability and seamless user productivity, and is compatible with any HTML5 web browser on any device.

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Published Friday, June 16, 2017 8:33 AM by David Marshall
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