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VMblog's Expert Interviews: Intel Talks DCIM Solution Deployment Research Findings and Key Ingredients for Success

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New research on DCIM Solution Deployment commissioned by Intel and Schneider Electric revealed that despite tight budgets, data center managers are lobbying for DCIM solutions and seeing strong ROI post deployment.  The research polled the opinions of 200 US and UK-based CIO, CTOs, IT and data center managers.  To find out more, I spoke with a VMblog favorite, Jeff Klaus, GM of data center software solutions at Intel.  

VMblog:  What was the goal of the research on DCIM Solution Deployment?

Jeff Klaus:  The goal of the research, DCIM Solution Deployment, was to gain a deeper understanding of the current state of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution deployment in both the US and UK. At this point, we understand that adoption is happening and those that are educated and informed on DCIM's benefits have either already undergone an implementation or are currently in the process of evaluating solutions for near-term deployments. However, the biggest objective of our joint research was to go one step beyond understanding the sheer volume/numbers of DCIM deployments and gain granular insight on what some of those drivers to implementation were - from obtaining budget to getting C-suite buy-in - while also learning about the factors that contributed to successful deployments.

VMblog:  What surprised you the most about the research and findings?

Klaus:  In addition to the fact that now 80 percent of enterprises in the US and UK currently have a DCIM deployed, what we found most surprising is how much savings are being realized by those deployments. Over half of respondents (51 percent) have achieved a cost savings of 25 percent or more post implementation. What's more, this cost savings increases with the size of the enterprise: 65 percent of large enterprises reported cost savings of more than 25 percent. For businesses of any size, such significant cost savings cannot be overlooked, especially as IT budgets continue dwindle year-over-year.

VMblog:  The majority of execs across the board - CIOs, CTOs, DCMs, IT Managers - gave their DCIM deployments a passing grade, either "A" or "B", showcasing successful implementations and outcomes.  Why then are 20 percent of enterprises still behind the curve on DCIM integrations when there are such clear benefits as noted by the research?

Klaus:  Great question - the same could be asked about why a 25 percent cost savings wouldn't be enough proof to move the needle, as noted in the answer above. But successful outcomes are only half of the equation when it comes to DCIM. While 80 percent market adoption is a major gain within the industry, a lack of education around DCIM solutions continues to be one of the biggest barriers facing even higher rates of implementation. As the data suggests, even education (or lack thereof) within a single enterprise can be a huge roadblock. For example, data center managers and IT aren't always or easily getting buy-in from the C-suite on DCIM's value proposition. If different business units don't see eye to eye on DCIM's benefits, then it's clear there's a barrier we need to surmount when it comes down to education. It's through research like this project that we're able to take a pulse on the industry and better understand how we can more effectively communicate the benefits of these platforms.   

VMblog:  What do you believe are the key ingredients of a successful DCIM deployment?

Klaus:  There are several factors that contribute to a successful DCIM deployment, however the single most important ingredient is ensuring that the entire team - from DCM to IT and C-suite - all work together to utilize the solution stack to its full capacity. If each member of the team isn't leveraging the solutions properly, the output will be misaligned and therefore less likely to realize maxim benefits (remember the 25 percent cost savings that every enterprise can benefit from?). Additionally, getting the team's buy in on a transition from, for example, leveraging manual processes to those that are automated, is in the same vein of ensuring the team is on the same page when it comes to deployments. From the beginning, even pre-integration, the team should have a game plan in place with goals and expectations that are closely aligned in order to harness the full and robust benefits of a DCIM deployment.


A special thanks to Jeff Klaus, GM of Data Center Software Solutions, Intel, for sharing this information with VMblog and its readers.

Jeff Klaus Intel 

As General Manager of Intel® Data Center Software Solutions, Jeff Klaus leads a global team that designs, builds, sells and supports Data Center software products through an extensive distribution network. Since joining Intel in 2000, Klaus built and maintains the largest global distribution ecosystem of middleware solutions through Server Hardware OEMs, Software Infrastructure Management Providers and Cloud Service Providers.

As a leader in the Data Center infrastructure industry, his group currently sells Intel® Virtual Gateway access management and Intel® Data Center Manager (DCM), the only software that provides real-time, server-level telemetry data and power management across a wide range of data center servers and IT devices.

An active member within the Software Defined Solutions space, Klaus serves on the Board of Directors for the Green IT Council and has presented multiple keynotes at leading industry conferences, including Gartner Data Center, AFCOM's Data Center World, the Green IT Symposium, and the Green Gov Conference. As a thought leader within the DCIM community Klaus regularly contributes articles on key data center topics and trends in Forbes, DataCenter Dynamics, Mission Critical, Data Center Post, IT Business Edge, Data Center Knowledge, Information Management and Data Centre Management. 

Klaus earned his BS in Finance at Boston College and his MBA in Marketing at Boston University.

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