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The world's first OpenStack AI cloud from EasyStack
EasyStack, the leading Open Source cloud computing solutions provider in China, announced a series of product innovations to drive Open Source cloud adoption and to support enterprise digital transformation at the 2017 China Open Source Industry Summit in Beijing.

The new products include: ESCould AI, the world's first Open Source AI cloud platform that supports GPU/FPGA; China's first enterprise-class container Linux; ESCloud+, an open source PaaS Platform; ESCaaS, a cloud as a service platform; and ESCloud Express for data centers in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

This announcement is a major testament to EasyStack's investment in technology since it raised the largest single round of funding in Open Source sector in China January 2017. "Having gone through two technology cycles centered around the hardware and software business, we are transitioning to a period where the new generation of enterprise-class software is now centered on Open Source technologies. This is the Golden Age for the global Open Source industry," says Chen Xilun, Founder and CEO of EasyStack. "Since its establishment in 2014, EasyStack has acquired over 200 enterprise customer users in a short period of three years, while successfully raising Series C in January this year. Today's announcement continues to push the boundary on Open Source cloud computing when applied to industry specific scenarios in AI, with a view to further support Chinese enterprises in their digital transformation journey."

1.   EasyStack unveiled the world's first OpenStack AI cloud platform that supports GPU/FPGA

To meet the fast growing demand for big data and AI from industry users, EasyStack launched the world's first OpenStack AI cloud platform that supports both GPU and FPGA heterogeneous computing, making EasyStack the first company of the world to have a real open source AI cloud platform.

At the Summit, EasyStack also announced that its OpenStack AI cloud platform ESCould AI had received R&D funding support from the Leading Edge Reserve Program administered by the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park.

2.   Easystack announced China's first enterprise-class container Linux

EasyStack also officially announced the EasyStack Container Linux, making it the first company in China to offer Container Linux -based products, indicating that EasyStack has entered the Linux field for the first time after the OpenStack and kubernetes open source technologies.

According to sources, EasyStack is also the first professional open source company in China to feature an OpenStack + Kubernetes product line. A gold member of OpenStack Foundation, and the first Chinese open source cloud corporate member of Linux Foundation, EasyStack also joined Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Open Container Initiative, two major open standards organizations for containers, to actively help corporate users adopt open source cloud platforms.

The first container for cloud native applications in China, the EasyStack Container Linux, tailor-made for enterprise-class containers, is modular, lighter and more stable, reliable, secure and flexible than traditional Linux products. And EasyStack's system engineering team has made full use of the efficiency advantage of the underlying hardware by reducing the operating system's consumption of the host layer's resources through kernel level system optimization and light weighting.

3.    EasyStack launched the open source PaaS platform ESCloud+ to reshape the software infrastructure

Based on the open source IaaS platform ESCloud, EasyStack also announced the open source PaaS platform ESCloud+ at the Summit to reshape the software infrastructure.

It was disclosed that the ESCloud+ is designed for application development and deployment to help corporate users who have already deployed a ESCloud platform to quickly expand their PaaS layer capabilities. By merging the infrastructure layer with the platform service layer to break the traditional management boundaries to achieve centralized orchestration, authorization and management of resources and services, the ESCloud+, which mainly offers big data service, database service and container orchestration service, among others, can support traditional application architecture or new generation micro service application architecture to accelerate the enterprises' innovation and growth.

4.   EasyStack launched open source industry cloud platform ESCaaS to push application boundaries

To further push the open source cloud application boundary, EasyStack also announced the open source industry cloud platform ESCaaS. Based on OpenStack architecture, the EasyStack open source industry cloud platform ESCaaS has added a range of industry cloud functionalities based on private clouds: for example flexible billing policies to support industry clouds' complex billing scenarios, sophisticated organizational structure to match industry clouds' application scenarios, bare metal resource management achieving combined usage of virtual and real resources and a central monitoring platform.

The industry clouds support the IT systems of brick-and-mortar enterprises based on private clouds and transition from the original Client/Server architecture to Cloud/Mobile internet architecture, in a process from closed loop, closed source and closed technology systems to ecological, open source and open technology systems.

5.   Reflective of cloud computing minimalism, EasyStack announced

In an effort to help SMBs build cloud platforms more easily and efficiently to acquire cloud applications to achieve successful digital transformation, EasyStack launched the express edition open source cloud platform ESCloud Express (EasyStack Cloud) which has been validated by Global 500 companies.

With maximized functionality and minimized design, ESCloud Express embodies cloud platform minimalism. Originated from core ESCloud components validated by Global 500 companies, ESCloud Express has a reliable architecture, simultaneously delivers software and hardware, automates operation and maintenance graphics and enables small and medium scale enterprise-class private clouds to be ready at the quickest time possible. And applications are easily acquired with a click on the ESCloud Express whose software is designed native to the cloud and which supports all types of hardware architecture.

In addition, EasyStack also announced the cloud application operation platform EasyStack AppCenter to provide all enterprise users with critical application options from PaaS to SaaS.

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