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All Your Datastores In One Place With ControlUp V7

ControlUp, a provider of an ITOps analytics and management platform, is about to introduce its latest version of ControlUp, V7.  Until now, Datastores were shown in the ControlUp real-time console as collective aggregated data via the host, displaying the high level, collective information.  But according to the company, with the introduction of ControlUp V7, the real-time console will have a brand new detailed view for Datastores -- showing all the Datastores as individual objects, complete with live metrics and metadata.

What's that mean?  What do you get? 

  • See your busiest disks, troubleshoot storage related performance issues from different perspectives and create triggers to get alerts and notifications.
  • Balance the workload on your datastores correctly to ensure better performance.
  • Know when the free space is running low on your logical disks.
  • Full continuous view of all your datastores on a single real time grid.
  • See everything in one place, quickly sort and identify issues fast.
  • Quickly identify "the noisy neighbor problem" which happens when one of the your VMs becomes noisy, demanding more than its share of storage performance, slowing down its neighbors and throwing the entire Datastore into chaos.
  • With the datastores view, you can create triggers to send notifications when the free space is running low on your Datastores, especially when utilizing thin provisioning for VMs, which is critical for keeping them up and running.

Ready to try?  Ask to join the public V7 Beta, click here.

Watch this video to learn more.


Published Thursday, August 10, 2017 8:11 AM by David Marshall
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