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Successful Digital Transformation Strategies Demand a Software-Defined Infrastructure

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Contributed by Paul Nashawaty, Product Evangelist & Director of Technical Marketing, DataCore Software

In this series Storage Virtualization: The Missing Link in Digital Transformation, we explored how a digital strategy is the cornerstone of growth, competitive advantage and new opportunities. To be effective, your digital initiatives require a three-pronged approach: optimizing the customer experience, improving operational processes, and uncovering new and profitable business models.


Digital Initiatives: Driven by Data

The takeaway? It's imperative that today's enterprise environment become highly agile and offer the ability to incorporate high-speed, cloud-based compute, storage and networking resources while leveraging older infrastructures. Digital initiatives are destined to fail unless there is a software-driven storage architecture that lets you easily access your enterprise data while maintaining or even improving speed and performance.

Did you read all five? If not, here is a recap of the other four articles in this series:

  1. Storage Virtualization: The Missing Link in Digital Transformation introduces three strategic focus areas to digitally transform the enterprise: customer experience, operational processes and business models. Get an overview about how hyperconverged, software defined storage, and Parallel I/O play into an improved customer experience. You'll also find out why digital transformation is such a hot topic, how it applies to storage virtualization and why this matters to you.

  2. In the second part, 5 Ways to Improve IT Operations Through Digital Transformation, we explored new ways to transform operations by creating a high-performance, cost-effective hyperconverged infrastructure. Businesses are rapidly migrating away from siloed IT solutions dedicated to operations or departments and toward platform models that integrate functions such as data storage and network management. Discover why this hyperconverged approach is a trend that is already transforming IT delivery.

  3. In the third article, How to Drive Digital Transformation with a Software Defined Storage Infrastructure, we look at the intriguing potential in digital transformation, why it is an essential business strategy in today's digital era, and how it can uncover new and profitable ways of doing business. In fact, the MIT Sloan Management Review survey, "The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation," shows that companies that are more mature in their digital transformation journey consistently outperform those that are not.

  4. Unlock performance: Why Parallel I/O Is Critical to Your Digital Transformation Strategy is the fourth part of the series. Discover why hyperconverged, storage virtualization, and data storage solutions are the foundation of an integrated data storage infrastructure. This software-based approach provides the ability to fully leverage all your resources and manage them centrally, letting you scale storage capacity independently of compute and memory. Parallel I/O powers this infrastructure with the lightning-fast access that today's users, processes, and applications demand.

Go Big, Go Data, Go Digital or Go Home

In the past, increased data loads were managed by adding more servers, more storage and more network pathways, which is no longer feasible. In today's user-driven culture, it's about building an integrated software-based infrastructure that enables a unified storage architecture that can quickly access the data. At the same time, it's essential to have the capability to dynamically grow resources, storage and functionality.

We're Here to Help with Your Digital Transformation Journey

DataCoreTM provides you with the ability to virtualize your existing storage hardware, create converged storage from servers and internal storage, and integrate Flash/SSDs with existing storage.

With DataCore virtualized storage solutions, not only are you better positioned to go to the next level of maturity in your digital transformation journey, you also experience:

  • Lower cost of ownership (75% reduction in storage costs)
  • Faster applications (10X performance increase)
  • Higher availability (100% reduction in storage-related downtime)
  • Greater productivity (90% decrease in time spent on routine storage tasks)


Published Tuesday, August 22, 2017 7:31 AM by David Marshall
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