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NeuVector is First to Demonstrate VMware vSphere Integrated Containers Security at the Application Layer

NeuVector, which delivers continuous network security for containers, today announced that it has successfully demonstrated the capabilities of the NeuVector container security solution to monitor and protect applications running in nested VMware vSphere Integrated Containers environments. Doing so establishes NeuVector as the first solution to provide VMware vSphere Integrated Containers security at the application layer.

Even on virtual machines, Docker container deployments require specialized tools to achieve visibility into containers as they scale up and across hosts, and to recognize which application connections should be allowed or blocked in the virtualized environment. VMware vSphere Integrated Containers technology enables containers to run on vSphere, which offers customers the convenience of using their existing VMware tooling, as well as providing robust security, isolation and networking.

At the same time, the NeuVector container security platform can be applied to vSphere Integrated Containers environments to provide an application security layer, inspecting and analyzing connections for threats and policy violations that may otherwise elude traditional network firewalls and segmentation. In its vSphere Integrated Containers demonstration, NeuVector has shown these key container security features:

  • Discovery of hosts and containers, and visual mapping of containers running on vSphere Integrated Containers;
  • Inspection of all container network connections and use of behavioral learning to create the security policy;
  • Detection and prevention of violations and threats for containers utilizing layer 7 network inspection;
  • Running the Docker bench security audit on vSphere Integrated Containers Docker hosts;
  • Scanning of running containers in vSphere Integrated Containers for vulnerabilities;
  • Monitoring of container and host processes, and detection of privilege escalations and other suspicious activities.

"The NeuVector solution offers the flexibility to deploy container security capabilities to a wide range of container platforms, and we're proud to have now shown the technology to work with vSphere Integrated Containers," said Fei Huang, CEO, NeuVector. "Application security remains a critical and challenging concern for enterprises running containers, and we're glad to take this first step to provide additional security to vSphere Integrated Containers production environments."

Beyond application layer network inspection, NeuVector's solution delivers several layers of run-time container security, from host security to compliance auditing and vulnerability scanning. NeuVector will continue to work with VMware to provide enhanced application layer security for production vSphere Integrated Containers -based containers.
Published Wednesday, August 23, 2017 8:40 AM by David Marshall
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