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From Discovery to Analytics: MobileIron Access Expands the Cloud Security Lifecycle

MobileIron, the security backbone for the multi-cloud enterprise, today announced new lifecycle features for its cloud security solution MobileIron Access. 

  • MobileIron Access Risk Discovery identifies unauthorized devices and apps accessing business cloud services like Office 365 and Salesforce.
  • MobileIron Access for Mac and PC brings conditional access to the desktop and ensures that only trusted Macs, Windows 10, and Windows 7 devices can access those services.
  • MobileIron Access Authentication Analytics identifies unusual patterns of usage that could indicate either a new business need or a potential security threat.

MobileIron Access gives organizations a unified security architecture to enable and protect the business cloud services their employees want to use.

"Cloud services are a mandate for many organizations but companies are losing data every day to unauthorized devices and apps," said Barry Mainz, President and CEO, MobileIron. "Logins and passwords do not provide enough security. We are defining the next phase of cloud security which involves the tools to discover security risks; conditional access based on user, device, and app; analytics and reporting; and the ability to extend this technology across all endpoints. We're the only company that is purely focused on this area."  

Unauthorized cloud services run rampant

Ask a CIO how many cloud apps and services their organization uses and they are likely to estimate between 30 and 40. However, the reality is that they typically have more than 900 apps on their extended network, most of which were adopted without IT approval or oversight.

Devices and apps pose serious cloud security risks

There are a variety of security risks that exist between devices and apps and the services to which they connect. For example:

  • Jailbroken device: An employee uses Office 365 mobile app to access business data from a jailbroken device. Business data is now on a hacked device.
  • Unauthorized Mac or PC: An employee syncs Google Drive files to a personal computer. Business data is now on an unsecured device.
  • Unauthorized cloud app: A salesperson downloads one of the dozens of apps that use APIs to connect to the cloud service. Business data is now in an unsecured mobile app.

MobileIron Access helps organizations identify and close areas of risk

MobileIron Access is the critical link between the app on a device and the cloud service. Access acts as a gate on the authentication path between the user and the cloud data so only trusted users on trusted devices using trusted applications can get to that data while untrusted users, apps, and devices are blocked. 

  • Access Risk Discovery: Correlate cloud service logs with MobileIron logs to identify leaks from users, devices, and apps.
  • Access for Macs and PCs: Control access to corporate cloud resources from Android, iOS, Mac, Win 7, Win 10 endpoints. Block access by devices under management to unsecure cloud services.
  • Access Authentication Analytics: Identify usage by a variety of factors. For example, high usage of one particular OS can suggest that it might be worthwhile to invest developer resources in that one OS instead of in several; or geo-location reporting can reveal that someone in a country where the enterprise does not have employees is trying to connect to corporate resources.

In each of the above scenarios, the cloud service alone cannot determine if the device or app is non-compliant. MobileIron Access does this by ensuring that only trusted apps on trusted devices can access Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and other business cloud services.

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