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This Hyperconverged Virtual SAN Solution Saves Lives

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Contributed by Haluk Ulubay, Senior Director of Marketing, DataCore Software

Located in Oregon, the Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon (ECSO) is an emergency dispatch facility and Public Safety Answering Point. Its Microsoft SQL-based dispatch application was experiencing 200 milliseconds latencies at peak times during the day. This was slowing down the speed with which police and fire departments were dispatched to emergencies.  They needed a faster and better solution to do their jobs and keep local citizens safe. 

Faster Response Times for this Emergency Dispatch Facility

After meeting with DataCore engineers, the customer ran benchmark tests to compare the response times of their current environment and the proposed hyperconverged solution. The results were eye popping: 20x improvement in latency with DataCore. 

"The 200 millisecond latency has gone away now with DataCore running. In fact, we are down to under five milliseconds as far as application response times at peak load. Under normal load, the response times are currently under one millisecond," said Mr. Corey Nelson, IT Manager, ECSO.

Real-Time Data Redundancy Helps Protect Our Citizens

The ECSO's legacy solution did not allow them to fail over to the backup site without taking the system offline before migrating, creating a delayed response time that put citizens at risk. With the DataCore solution in place, two nodes now synchronize their data with each other in real time, with a third node acting as a disaster recovery site. When a node goes down, the solution fails over to the other site with no human intervention, then fails back when the original node is operational again. Mr. Corey tells us that "I knew that a special product was needed to keep the systems running all of the time. If our systems fail, it puts not only citizens but first responders at risk."

Simplified Management of All Storage Devices

Beyond improving response times, the solution helped simplify storage management. Previously, managing the various types of storage devices at ECSO was a labor-intensive process at ECSO. Multiple consoles for managing devices and manual review of reports were required to make sure nothing was overlooked. The DataCore hyperconverged solution allowed the storage management process to be streamlined and the use of a single, central console was provided to manage all storage devices.


This product makes you think differently about storage and ultimately is the next step in virtualization. DataCore Hyperconverged Virtual SAN gives us the flexibility, reliability and performance 


Accelerating Mission-Critical Applications

For ECSO, a hyperconverged solution from DataCore accelerated their mission-critical applications, while providing real-time data redundancy. With DataCore, the tremendous performance increase seen during the proof of concept was matched by real-world performance in production with peak latencies below five milliseconds.

"This product makes you think differently about storage and ultimately is the next step in virtualization. DataCore Hyperconverged Virtual SAN gives us the flexibility, reliability and performance to keep our systems running non-stop. No other products I looked at were even close to accomplishing this." - Corey Nelson, IT Manager, Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon

For more information read the full customer case study on ECSO 911.


Published Wednesday, September 27, 2017 7:31 AM by David Marshall
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